Rituals with 4 Elements

Amazing Relationships! Want one?​

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Discover the Secrets!

Open your Heart to Love

Are you ready to Turn On your Sexual Magnet and live Orgasmically?

These ancient rituals will raise your sexual energy and fill your Womb and Heart with Love...

$ 500

 Sample of the 4 Elements

Earth Empress

Confident & Grounded

Discover and master the rituals of Geishas!
They will enchant and transform you.

Goddess Aphrodite

Sensuous & Seductive

Flow into this new form as you listen to the wondrous secrets of the ages, these rituals will unveil your Magnificence.

The Seductress

His Muse

 Exciting & Magnetic

Consume his attention with your sexual energy, becoming his world of excitement and pleasure.

Mysterious & Inspirational

Inspire your man with a glance, a feeling, as you create peace and harmony, your own sphere of serenity.

Gift yourself an Amazing Relationship

Master the 4 Elements
Enjoy Your Love Life!

This inspiring program includes 4 videos with Yana demonstrating the Rituals.  Implement them into your love life for earth-shattering results.

Rituals with 4 Elements

$ 500

Clients have reported amazing results

Women who completed this program now refer to Yana as a magic woman, the High Priestess of Aphrodite training her Acolytes.

Guided Meditations

Next Step

Indeed it works like magic,

when you learnt to embody the Enchanting Energy of Aphrodite.

Excited by the phenomenal results, Yana created

The Mystery School of Feminine Arts to teach women

how to embody

their powers of sensuality, sexuality and feminine divine. 

Now this unique opportunity is yours when you take the:

STEP 1Awaken your Power of Sensuality by Healing Your Womb

STEP 2 - To Embody your Sexuality with Rituals with 4 Elements 

STEP 3 - Create a New Image with Enchanting Meditations

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