Cleopatra Ruling Retreat

Confident ~ Empowered ~ Abundant

Fiery, Magnetic. Exciting with the Power of Aphrodite courses through your veins,

NOW learn the skills of sharing your feminine energy to your beloved.  

Consume his attention with your sensual presence, becoming his world of excitement and pleasure.

Escape your current reality ... Come to Paradise and Embody the very Essence of the Seductress... Confident, Empowered, Abundant... take your man to ultimate abundance as you spin the vortex of the 4 Elements to create any specific result.  Practice these ancient  rituals of seduction with Yana and live a wildly abundant life.

What will you Learn and Practice at the Retreat

What powers did Cleopatra possess

to captivate the two greatest rulers of the world?

You will have the same skills when you...

Embody Your Seductress

Awaken your Sensuality

Unleash your Sexuality

Connect to your Higher Self

Heal your Womb and Heart

Balance all Four Elements : Fire~Water~Air~Earth

Discover the Secret Fifth Element

What will you Learn and Practice:

Ancient Rituals to Embody your Seductress

Orgasmic Tantric and Shamanic practices

Sensual rituals - increase the vibrations of self-love

Breathing Love technique

Master the immense power of the 4 Elements to mesmerize your chosen man and keep him wildly excited for life.

* All costs are included except your plane tickets.

Schedule your free Discovery call and we will personalize and clarify all the details of your amazing, life-transforming Art of Enchantment retreat.

"My Darling, I cannot wait to see you

on the island.  I know

you will adore each retreat, because

I created them just for you!  

These retreats are reserved for the few women with whom 

I feel a special bond for the magic to unfold.

Lots of love"


Daily Activities

Kundalini YOGA to awaken your sexuality

5 Elements ecstatic DANCING

* Luxurious Spa treatments


Imagine how you will feel when you can:

Charm him with your Eyes ~ Voice ~ Touch ~ Walk...

Hypnotize him with your Sensual Presence...

Gifts You Receive:

* A Personalized Photoshoot of You, the Enchantress

The Womb Healing video program before the retreat.

* A Personalized, Enchanting Meditation created just for you
( * For Individual Luxury Retreat Only)

On a Tropical island, with our magic and mysteries, awaits the embody your Seductress while luxuriating in the exotic locations... indulging in

soul-nurturing foods. 

Cleopatra Ruling Retreat

Next Step

In order to attend this retreat,  you must first enjoy an interview with Yana, who loves to ensure you are properly prepared for the retreat, placed with a compatible group, establishes your current level, other important details, price and what it includes.
Please use one of the contact methods below to register your interest and Yana will get back to you to arrange the call.  Yana's preferred methods of communication are

Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp.

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The interview is ONLY for people who have the

time and money for this retreat. 

Individual & Luxury:
$ 5,000 or $ 10,000

$ 5,000

WhatsApp: +1 858 609 9020 | Email:

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