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"Magical Woman"

Journey to Wholeness

Online Retreat # 1

The Queen's Awakening

Online Retreat # 2


I accept the Beauty of the Way

In all the manifold manifestations!

And there is no limit to the joy in freedom

And there is no end to the Life-Death cycles.

Don't be afraid of anything

And don't fight for justice.

Illusion around ... Life is like a river!

And in the ocean of Eternity

Everything will dissolve soon

Disappears, ringing quiet music.

I'm a girl, I'm a Dream Woman

Star, Moon and Sun -

I am me

In all possible planes of being.

I choose with my mind or with my heart -

Everything and always depends on me.


After all, it simply does not happen otherwise!

You see another in yourself

Through your own prism

You perceive the world.

Life, playing joyfully

Sparkles with colors inside me.

I create with love

Or am I suffocating in fear?

Everything is in me and this is forever.


And dissolves

Magic Flower,

It is fragrant.

He exudes quivering tenderness

And there is no better achievement!

Blossom ... life is fleeting -

But Eternity is in the depths of a being

As the primordial Light



I invite you to a series of transformative retreats


"Female Magic. Journey to Wholeness"


At this retreat, in 10 weeks, we will together cleanse those layers of subconsciousness,

that prevent you from opening up and showing beauty,

emitting a subtle scent of its sexuality.

Pure, innocent, blameless -

the scent of your feminine nature.


The journey into wholeness is a deep dive into your darkness, into the very depths of Fear. The release of the energy of Violence and Powerlessness, the energy of betraying oneself, one's own Light and the Force of feminine nature.

Healing childhood and birth trauma.

Acceptance of your divine potential and its gifts: clairvoyance, clairvoyance, clairvoyance.


This is a total acceptance of oneself in unconditional love!


Together we are layer by layer, archetype by archetype, we will go through the rebirth of your Beggar into the Queen, the Handmaid into the Priestess, the Businesswoman into the Maginya. And finally, we will reveal in you

Goddess Woman:

free, inspired, filling.


Journey to Integrity

online retreat # 1


In 13 weeks, together we will cleanse those layers of subconsciousness,

that prevent you from opening up and showing beauty,

emitting a subtle scent of its sexuality.

Pure, innocent, blameless -

the scent of your feminine nature.


A journey into wholeness is a deep dive into your darkness,

into the very depths of Fear.


Release of the energy of Violence and Powerlessness, betrayal of oneself.

Acceptance of your Light and Power of feminine nature.

Healing childhood and birth trauma.

Healing of the Generic and Money channels.

Acceptance of your divine potential and its gifts: clairvoyance, clairvoyance, clairvoyance.


This is a total acceptance of oneself in unconditional love!


In retreats, we together layer by layer, archetype after archetype will go through the rebirth of your Beggar into the Queen, the Servant into the Priestess, the Businesswoman into the Magin. And finally, we will reveal in you

Goddess Woman:

free, inspired, filling.


Become a Woman who at any age can build relationships based not on illusions, but on a deep understanding of the universal laws of the Knower of Love.


Become Queen ~ luxurious, free and abundant.


Let our example inspire you:

Watch the video.


"Magical Woman"

Journey to Wholeness

Online Retreat # 1

I invite you to the feminine space of power, where real metamorphoses take place:


Revealing natural sexuality;

Healing deep trauma and fears;

Return to pristine purity, where there is no sense of guilt;

Acquaintance with the laws of Karma and the chronicles of Akasha. Knowledge of how Fate is formed and HOW you yourself create your reality;

Breaking free from old mind patterns and traps that keep you in low vibrations of guilt, fear, shame and insecurity;

Disclosure of self-esteem and inner strength;

Realization of your value;

Transition into a state of divine prosperity.


This journey will give you the most effective relief from painful birth scenarios.

You will gain self-love and knowledge of how to unleash your feminine potential in all its glory.


Who is this unique retreat for?


Women from 18 to 100 years old;

My students who have completed the "Womb Healing" program and are ready to receive an even greater effect;

Psychologists, coaches, public figures, stars, healers, spiritual guides.


You can go through it on the record right now.


Make yourself the most valuable present this year!

You are more than worthy.


The live retreat ended in summer 2021 and is now available by appointment only.


Duration - 10 sessions. Over 40 hours of theory, practice and meditation in high quality video format.


Recording access - unlimited throughout the year

(12 months from the date of purchase).


* This retreat is required to advance to the next retreat.

1st session and introductory video you can

watch on my youtube channel:

Ruby package.

Recorded retreat




Closed group in Telegram with Yana's personal support;

Retreat recording access - 12 months.


Diamond Way package

Recorded retreat





WhatsApp Yana:

+1 858 609 9020



Payment only after personal consultation with Yana.


3 personal sessions (3 hours each) - this is 9 hours of individual work with Yana, where she will carefully guide you through generic and life scenarios for an even deeper transformation of your life;

Individual gifts, selected for you personally;

Personal connection with Yana through Vatsap throughout the retreat;

Closed group in Telegram with the support of Yana;

Unlimited access to the recording of the retreat.


The Diamond Way involves a very personal approach, so space is limited and preference is given to those who are already working with the Healing Uterus program.


Payment only after personal consultation with Yana.



I invite you to a new reality!


Schedule a consultation date.

Write to Yana's personal whatsapp:

+1 858 609 9020

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Flower Bath-19.jpg

Diamond Way $ 3000

Recorded retreat

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Love always start with a clean slate and take it as

great miracle!


If you want to enter into a relationship, or refresh existing ones, stop projecting onto a man.

their old fears and grievances.

After all, he is not responsible for the wounds inflicted by the past.


I recommend doing my Womb Healing program before retreat. This will help you change the sexual and emotional imprints left by the "ex", cleanse yourself on a sensual level of childhood fears:


"I am not loved"

"I'm not good enough"

"I am not worthy of love"


With such vibrations, it is difficult to love yourself, and it will not be possible to fill a man with the magic of love.

After all, he feels EVERYTHING and it hurts.


Everyone wants Love - pure, sweet, innocent ...

The one without guilt.

Fill your Uterus - the sacred center of sensual sexuality - with the warmth of love. And bloom, inspiring and filling the world around!


To love and be loved ~ I call this miracle "Female Magic".


I have devoted 20 years to the practice of the sacred Art of Feminine Charm, the study of the spiritual laws of the universe, the management of sexual energy in couples, the mysteries of tantra.

Now I continue to study and uncover the power of gene keys, light codes of beauty, youth, abundance.

I also practice mindfulness

the creation of reality in a sacred union.

I enhance my sexuality in the rituals of the 5 elements.


You can wait for a man who will awaken the woman in you.

But it is better to open up in the fullness of your feminine nature and

choose a man to your liking.

And next to the magician, he will reveal all his

divine potential for the good of you and the world.


There was a lot of pain and disappointment on my way, but it was they that pushed me forward ... to seek answers and practice, to find the keys to female happiness and share them with those who are ready. This is how my legendary program "Healing the Womb" was created. And 5 years of individual retreats have revealed the beauty of the Journey to Integrity process. In it, the heart and womb return to the Source of Love - pure, innocent, without conditions and restrictions.


Having come a long way, at the age of 50 I met the man of my dreams and got married. He was not a "perfect man", but his potential was brightly revealed in two years of our union and he became ideal for me. I also changed and from a "woman of dreams" turned into an ideal wife for him.


We are not married. We have chosen a sacred union. And every month and year we fall more and more in love with each other.

I want to share with you this knowledge and the amazing state of FULL LIFE.

May love and happy women rule the world!

After all, we deserve the best right now.


I only radiate love for myself

I am a reflection of the Universe

I live, I breathe, I love myself in you!

Saying goodbye to the man who betrayed you is not the main thing.

The main thing is to say goodbye to yourself, who betrays yourself every day.

He will definitely come back to see

"do you move your paws" without it.

Show him, and most importantly - yourself, that you can do everything!

And remember: the sooner the stranger leaves, the sooner the native will come.

And how to "wiggle your paws" in order not just to survive in this difficult period, but to whip the cream?


How to cleanse yourself of pain, fear, resentment, betrayal, anger?

How to regain inner balance and become Pure, Innocent,

Loving Herself?

How to return Faith, Hope and Love?


Life is a Gift from heaven and you need to live yourself with dignity, like the Queen, because there will be no second chance.

Summer 2021

our first

online retreat


Female Magic

A journey into integrity


It was a very personal and deep process in a female rhythm in an intimate circle of like-minded women.

Despite the huge number of courses and seminars for women, it is not easy to find your guide to female happiness.


I am a wise, experienced, happy and beloved woman who has gone through seven circles of hell and seven circles of heaven.


And my journey to the land of the Blooming Woman

revealed in its divine sexuality, continues in the field of love, luck and abundance.


There are miracles and I will share my experience with you.

Join, because happiness is in your "paws" 🙌

May the magic of love bless you on the path of life! ⠀

Choose your package and write to me in WhatsApp 😘 "I want - I can!"


I invite you to the space of beauty.

Watch a video about our love, get inspired and flourish.


I will share my innermost tools

which I have been using for years for myself and my husband.

Flower Bath-21.jpg

Diamond Way

Individually with Yana.

Spaces are limited!

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What awaits you at the retreat:


1st week

Theory: The concept of Karmic laws and the formation of Destiny. Why do "misfortunes", "troubles" happen, are there any unfair events in our life?


Practice: Meeting yourself, your kind. Consider the main life scenarios and the reasons for failure. Heal Violence-Powerlessness Patterns of Children. Fear as the dominant element in the creation of your reality and liberation from it.


Homework for next week.


2nd week

Theory: Working with generic scripts. Finding destructive patterns passed on to you and healing them at all levels.


Practice: Breaking free from old programs and getting out of the vicious circle.


Homework for next week.


3rd week

Answers to questions: Completion of the reunification with the clan in a new capacity: you no longer carry the generic burden, but feel the support of the clan, like two huge wings behind your back.


Practice: Healing yourself even deeper. Yana will personally guide one of the participants (Diamond Package) through all her child and birth scenarios.


Homework for next week.


from 4th to 10th week

Working with female archetypes: Diving into the shadow aspects to release your hidden potential. Out of the shadow frequencies into the Queen archetype, into a state of abundance. Cultivating your worth and dignity.


Practice: Journey through your inner aspects. Dealing with fears and activating strength. The script of the "bad" and "good" girl. Masks and roles in society. Relationship with money.




The art of loving yourself and filling the space with your aroma is possible only from innocence, tenderness and a holistic perception of the world.
I will give you invaluable knowledge ...
After all, Self-love is the greatest Gift!

Archetypes - and their Shadow Aspects

Shadow archetypes are actively manifested in a person at low energy levels.


There are two types of trauma that result in poor vitality:

1. Birth trauma. Associated with the moment of conception, prenatal period and childbirth. When conceived in an unconscious state, under substances, alcohol, not for love or as a result of violence, a weak vital energy and suppressed sexuality are formed in the child. Difficult psychological moments during pregnancy and difficult childbirth also negatively affect the energy potential of the individual.

Birth trauma can and should be healed by increasing energy resources. This is what we will do at the retreat.


2. Child sexual trauma of "violence-powerlessness" blocks the life force of the lower centers. Many girls face the desecration of their innocence by the lust of grown men. This is a very subtle moment that a woman may not even remember. It is not necessarily associated with physical abuse, but sometimes even one glance is enough for a sensitive child to feel extremely uncomfortable and close. The original purity of sexuality easily turns into shame and stiffness.

At the same time, the energy potential can be strong, but it is blocked by fears related to survival, finances, fear of loss or rejection. This is how the shadow aspect of the Beggar is formed, which can poison the life up to the 4th level of the Queen.


We will identify and heal childhood and birth trauma to regain INTEGRITY and feminine POWER. Let's raise your sexual energy potential and you will finally BLOWER hormonally, financially and in a love union with a man.


I will help you return to the pure energy field of primordial Divine Love. Become a real Queen without pain and fear.


Come on over.


And in the sacred feminine space, find Yourself, gaining integrity.

Come with confidence, open, expecting magic and freedom.


You are incomparable, I love you and together with you I will create a miracle!


You can go through this deepest immersion in yourself with me at any time in the recording.

It's time to create a real fairy tale of Love. You are worthy.

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Recorded retreat

Diamond Way $ 3000

Dual archetypes and their Shadow aspects


1. Beggar - Slave

Root chakra, element of the earth.

Basic survival.

Deep fear of poverty.

Constant lack of energy.

A state of fear and struggle.

Life on debt.

Denial of responsibility.

The victim's condition.

The level of consciousness is ignorance.

The main need is energy and money.

Weak ground is a closed, squeezed sexuality, an inferiority complex.

Pleasure - attention of important persons, easy money.


2. Servant - Subordinate

Sexual chakra, the element of water.

Sensuality, the desire to be "behind a man."

Fear is instability, change.

Prefers to obey.

More often a housewife or an employee.

Value - children, family, stability, certainty.

Modest salary, average standard of living, lack of ambition.

Dreams of a "good man", "a real man", or a rich "savior".

Pleasure - family, children, home, wealth.


3. Business woman - Cinderella

The third chakra is society, the element of fire.

Strong ego, will.

Striving to prove, to challenge.

"I'm not afraid of anything, I can do anything!"

High testosterone levels.

Competition, struggle for money and power.

A sense of self-importance.

Life and action for show.

Workaholic, leader, careerist.

A manager or mistress of a small business.

It manifests itself as a "boy-woman", "bitch", "draft horse".

There is an element of corruption, "prostitution" in its various manifestations - the kept woman of her husband, lover, subordinate of the Boss, and Business.


"I'm cool!"

"Work, plow, earn - it is NECESSARY!"

"To be a Personality - someone important, respected - to be feared, loved, obeyed, ingratiated, envied"

"Everything is bought and sold"

Level: philistinism and merchants, money - the form of God.

Fear - loss of strength, fatigue, loss.

Illusion - a stronger man is needed.

The pleasure is to be the First.


4. Queen - Beggar

Heart chakra, element - air.

The first three chakras are full, all elements are strong and balanced.

Generosity, trust in yourself and the world, dignity, prosperity.

If childhood sexual trauma is present, the energy can be partially blocked, which creates anxiety and fear.

Fear - to be left without funds, to lose a position in society, or a husband, a man.

The fear of poverty stimulates the realization and success in society.

(If in the first two archetypes the fear of poverty paralyzes, in the third it mobilizes, then he motivates the Queen to move up the career ladder).


"I am the best - Beautiful, Dear, Smart"

"I am loved and feared"

"They obey me"

Men are afraid - they respect, appreciate, compete.

Struggle for Power - Striving for Significance!

Pleasure is luxury, beauty.


Shadow archetypes are actively manifested in a person at low energy levels. Therefore, it is important to increase your resource and conductivity. Initially clearing past experiences and blocking injuries. And then expanding and filling with energy in special practices. All this awaits you at the retreat, from where you will return refreshed and fulfilled.


At the 1st retreat, I will help you return to the pure energy field of primordial Divine Love. Become a real Queen without pain and fear!


Multidimensional archetypes and their strength


4. Queen - Witch

An abundant, luxurious Woman who creates her own destiny.

The Witch, "Knowing" - the Woman who was revealed in the Knowing Love.

Who went through the seven circles of hell and heaven

accepted the power of her darkness and the power of her light.

The witch knew and accepted all of herself in her heart.

It is she who includes the codes of the true, abundant and divine Queen.

There is no pride, no arrogance, and no illusion.

This archetype will be activated at the 2nd retreat.


5. Priestess

Throat chakra, element - ether.

Rituals, service from your center of power.

Practical application of ritual magic.

In the shadow aspect, Pride interferes with the free flow of love and abundance.


You will learn the rituals of Divine Sexuality at the 3rd retreat:

"Priestess of Love: Rituals of Divine Sexuality, Sexual Tantra for the Queen"


6. Maginya - Sacred Yin-Yang Union

Knowledge of black and white magic,

choice to serve the Light Forces; Knowing Love.


The 4th retreat "Sacral Union" is dedicated to the relationship in a couple.

How to build them so that love grows every year.

And your Queen ~ Priestess will help you in this, and the Magine will activate the magic of Love in pairs, so that children are born and grow up in the Knowing Love.


7. Goddess

Unity with everything -

Everything is a part of me.

The aspect of the Holiness of life is manifested - the drop returns to the Ocean and lives from integrity.

There is no fear here, love reigns here.


At the 5th retreat we will practice the Magic of Life in the circle of the revealed Magin ...

Villa Poem-8.jpg

online retreat # 2


The Queen's Awakening

online retreat # 2


I invite everyone who went through the 1st Retreat "Journey to Integrity" into a new unique Journey to Love in Oneself!


Queen Cleopatra will be our muse here.


Heard the saying: "Love, so the Queen!"?


So, only your Queen can be truly abundant, self-sufficient, delightful. Awaken this archetype in all its power. After all, the keys to feminine splendor and luxury are in the hands of your Queen.


There will be many practices ~ rituals of the luxurious, confident and in love with herself The Abundant Queen.


All the details in the video!


The world is ruled by men, and men are ruled by Queens.