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"Magical Woman"

Journey to Wholeness & Love

Online Retreat # 1

You are invited on an intimate

soulful journey into Self Love!

Magical Woman

 is calling you to bloom.

Accept her inner gifts divine,

Dive deep and liberate your



Become the Woman of your dreams!

This deep immersion is a journey into a total acceptance of

yourself in unconditional love. 

Radically reorientate yourself to the centre of your being,

and finally meet the majestic, ecstatic,

magical woman that has always lived within you,

waiting to be freed. 

Come . . .

In the sacred feminine space...

find Yourself.



Unleash your abundance & sexuality.

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~ Sacred Union ~

I am inviting you

into a new reality,

You are Ready.

Why have your previous efforts not given the results you want?

You know the path that you have walked in the past,

where you were operating with subconscious

low vibrations in your being:

‘I’m not worthy’

‘I’m not lovable’

‘I need to be/do something to earn love’

You knew this disconnect and limiting imprint

made it difficult for you to truly love yourself


You are Now ready to SHIFT ;


*  Constantly vacillating between 

Good Girl / Bad Girl archetypes.


* Swinging the inner pendulum from the insecure & fearful

Queen of Darkness

to the

Goddess of Light.


* The Womb ~ Heart channel 

from unactivated, to open, clear & integrated.

The Law of Attraction is always working

and when you are emitting low vibes - you are

unconsciously rejecting the flow of love & abundance

that naturally wants to flow through you.


1) From this space, it is not possible to fill a man with the magic of Love

because you are not full of it yourself.

That is why there is always an underlying energetic pain between you

that eventually drives him away, and you to frustration and heartache.

You are disconnected from your Magical Woman.

2) From this frequency, it is not possible to truly open