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"Magical Woman"

Journey to Wholeness & Love

Online Retreat # 1

You are invited on an intimate

soulful journey into Self Love!

Magical Woman

 is calling you to bloom.

Accept her inner gifts divine,

Dive deep and liberate your



Become the Woman of your dreams!

This deep immersion is a journey into a total acceptance of

yourself in unconditional love. 

Radically reorientate yourself to the centre of your being,

and finally meet the majestic, ecstatic,

magical woman that has always lived within you,

waiting to be freed. 

Come . . .

In the sacred feminine space...

find Yourself.



Unleash your abundance & sexuality.

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~ Sacred Union ~

I am inviting you

into a new reality,

You are Ready.

Why have your previous efforts not given the results you want?

You know the path that you have walked in the past,

where you were operating with subconscious

low vibrations in your being:

‘I’m not worthy’

‘I’m not lovable’

‘I need to be/do something to earn love’

You knew this disconnect and limiting imprint

made it difficult for you to truly love yourself


You are Now ready to SHIFT ;


*  Constantly vacillating between 

Good Girl / Bad Girl archetypes.


* Swinging the inner pendulum from the insecure & fearful

Queen of Darkness

to the

Goddess of Light.


* The Womb ~ Heart channel 

from unactivated, to open, clear & integrated.

The Law of Attraction is always working

and when you are emitting low vibes - you are

unconsciously rejecting the flow of love & abundance

that naturally wants to flow through you.


1) From this space, it is not possible to fill a man with the magic of Love

because you are not full of it yourself.

That is why there is always an underlying energetic pain between you

that eventually drives him away, and you to frustration and heartache.

You are disconnected from your Magical Woman.

2) From this frequency, it is not possible to truly open up to Wealth

because you are unconsciously rejecting the energy of money. 

3) Naturally, it is not possible to experience the blissful & orgasmic depths of true love because your body subconsciously doesn’t feel it deserves pleasure.

This Journey into Wholeness is where we release all of these

stuck, low vibrations: Guilt, Shame, Fear and UnWorthiness.


When we release these lower frequencies of conditioning

we are able to honour the Womb, 

our centre of sensuality in the body


activate your feminine radiance within. 

NOW ~ You are so ready to dissolve your deepest wounds

~ at a cellular level ~

and access the Highest most blissful version of Yourself!

Darling, this is the Retreat where your Magic will happen!


Activate your Womb-Heart Channel. Learn how to Love yourself

with the dignity of a Queen.

 I am inviting you

into our intimate

group of Women 

In 10 weeks together we will clear

layers of subconscious wounds that prevent you

from opening up & shining in your Soulful beauty.


* You will create a Sacred Union between your own inner

Queen & King archetypes 

within your heart chakra

so your relationship with men

naturally changes for the better.

Yana will take you on a journey of channelled activations

which address the blockages held in the

emotional, mental, ancestral, generational, and soul extensions

of THIS Life and your PAST Lives.

She will help to locate & release any ancient traumas stored 

in your Light bodies and DNA

~ as programs, memories & akashic records ~ 

Attuning & Integrating your energy back into the Innocent Pure FLOW

of Love, Creativity & Success!

"Healing the subtle energetic bodies allows

 the release of any energy not aligned to

your highest Soul's purpose of Being...

Whole - Wild - Innocent

Loving & Loved!

The Path of Wholeness is an alchemical journey... 

It will inspire you to emit the subtle yet powerful scent of

a happy, sexy, liberated,

pure, innocent & sweet aroma of a Magical Woman.

Watch Yana & Bulat's love story and feel into her energy.


Who am I, YANA? 

I am a wise, experienced, happy and beloved woman who has gone through seven circles of hell and seven circles of heaven.


My journey to wholeness brought me into

a space of blooming as a Woman.

It revealed my divine sexuality.

Now, I live in the field of Love & abundance.

Our Journey to Wholeness Retreat

will be a very personal and deep process,

 led in a feminine rhythm.

Nowadays there are many 'masters',

it is not easy to sift through the noisy marketing

find your True Guide to Wholeness as a Woman.

Miracles exists & I will share my experience with you.

Sign up while the group is forming, because happiness is in your hands 🙌

If you can't go through the retreat live, enjoy the recorded version!

May the magic of Love bless you on your unique Life path.


I live, I breathe,

I love myself in you!



For whom is this unique retreat ?

  • For all women from 20 to 100 years young.

  • Psychologists, coaches, public figures, stars, healers, spiritual guides

  • Students of Yana that would like to evolve further & go deeper. 


The retreat began on

April 10, 2021 and will go on for 10 weeks untill June 20th. 

live - online

Every Sunday for 2 hours.

You are welcome to join us anytime and participate

in the live chat with us. 


Join us Now!

 Access to the recording is unlimited.

There are 3 options to


The Ruby Path

~ the recorded retreat ~​​

  • It is for thousands of women who couldn't make it into the live retreat. Join us now!

  • You will get unlimited access to the closed telegram chat. 

  • Here you can ask questions & receive personal support from Yana.

  • 1 year access to the recorded retreat.


The Diamond Path

  • Includes 3 personal sessions with Yana - each is up to 3 hours. Total of 9 hours one to one with Yana Good,

  • Yana will carefully & lovingly guide you through your ancestral & life scenarios for even deeper personal transformations.

  • Individual gifts, that will be designed for you after the initial consultation.

  • We will look deeply into your "Human Design" template.

  • Personal connection with Yana through WhatsApp during the whole retreat,  answering & giving feedback immediately, and special homework.

  • Also unlimited access to closed telegram group and recordings.

Payment will be accepted only after

the private consultation with Yana.

The People who choose the diamond way, will first

be asked to undergo a consultation with Yana.

aAfter that, Yana will choose the right gifts for you.

Give yourself the greatest gift this year,

you are more than deserving.

  • WA_1
Call now to schedule 

The Golden Path 

  • Includes once a week group sessions.

  • Private telegram chat with Yana’s personal support.

  •  Here you can ask any question & submit the homework.

  • 1 year access to the recorded retreat.


I’m inviting you into a new reality, you are ready.

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Ruby Path



For whom is this alchemical journey?

* You’ve felt flutters of feminine power and up until now, you haven't learnt 

how to harness this energy to build a love affair that lasts forever.

* You truly desire to embody your sexual feminine divine,

to tap into your magic, and live ignited, abundant in Love.

* You secretly covet to become the divine sorceress in every

area of your life,  and naturally live the Life of Your Dreams.

So, you are finally ready to be cracked open,

to dive into the depths of your darkness

and release the self-trusting

soulful embodiment of You.


What to expect?


During your 10-week sacred journey into wholeness you will:

1. Activate

We begin by opening up your natural sexuality,

activating your wild innocent feminine source of energy & creativity.

Learn how to be turned on by your own inner Flow. 


2. Heal

Heal your deepest fears, childhood traumas, ancestral and karmic debts. Return to your innate purity; a space of innocence.

Here we dissolve the deep-rooted shame, guilt, and feeling

of "not good enough" that was embedded in childhood and has been defining your life thus far. We will work with the Archetypes to release their Shadows in each Chakra.

3. Create

Learn how to become the ruling Queen of your life using the  principles of:

  • The Laws of Karma

  • Akashic records 

  • The Law of cause & effect.


When you understand these principles at a deep level, and cut through the confusion of anything you’ve read before, you will be able to use them with clear intention to cast magic and alchemy in the creation of every area of your life. 

4. Magnetise

Magnetise Money Flow with Love.

Meet your new sexy "Money Honey."

He has missed you and wants to spoil you!

Free yourself from "Poverty" mentality and limiting beliefs about your

self-worth embedded in your genetic lineage.

Here I am teaching the advanced formula inspired by the Gene Codes,

This formula is the ultimate secret sauce to activate your

QUEEN of Abundance archetype.

5. Rise

Radically raise your innate sense of self-worth, confidence & inner power. Dance with deep trust of what unfolds and become enchanted with all that Life offers to you.

Most of ALL :

6. Radiate

Activate the divine codes of feminine blooming.

Fill your Womb ~ sacred portal of sexuality ~ with the warmth of Love.

Feel fully charged ~ trusting your divine potential and gifts.

Enhance your psychic and spiritual power, and become a love magnet for all that you desire.


Come with us on this journey to WHOLENESS,

in the feminine space of magic,

where your true transformation begins.

The world is awaiting You.

Claim your space and let the JOURNEY begin.

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Royal PitaMaha-37.jpg

Ruby path

(Recorded Retreat)


Magical Woman


Saying goodbye to the man who betrayed you

is not the main thing.


The main thing is to say goodbye to yourself,

the You who betrays yourself every day.

He will definitely come back to check

if you are sinking or swimming.

Show him ~ and most importantly ~ show yourself,

that you have released the limitations

and now Flow with Grace!

How to free yourself of pain, fear, resentment, betrayal, anger?

I mean ... REALLY FREE ~ once and for ALL?


The Only way out – is IN.


This is the Secret :

Fear of Duality is betraying your divine Nature that includes All.

I will take you through the