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Online Retreat # 3

"Magical Woman"

Divine Sexuality


Become his Dream Woman


Irresistible, Mysterious, Alluring

Inspire your man with a glance, a feeling,

a touch,  a taste, a scent

Master the immense power of the 5 Elements

to mesmerize

your man and keep him wildly excited for life.

Escape your current reality 

Come to Paradise and Embody the

very Essence of your Seductress

Confident, Empowered, Abundant

take your man to ultimate heights, 

as you learn how to spin the vortex of the 4 Elements

to create any specific result. 

The secret rituals with the 5th Element is

the key to Abundance in money & love. 

Practice these magical rituals with Yana

live an Ecstatic life.

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