Guided Meditations

Create a New Reality with Pleasure

These healing meditations take you

into a space of love where,

 New Images, New Realities

are born to replace

the old limiting beliefs and self sabotage.

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7 Enchanting Meditations

harmonize your seven chakras

and the four elements: Fire, Water, Air, Earth.

They prepare you for the advanced magic of working in the 5th Element

Ether, the domain of the Geishas.  

$ 500

7 Enchanting Meditations Set will change your Subconscious Mind with Pleasure
Everyone seeks Charm!

Pleasure is the fastest way for your subconscious mind to create 
a New Story…a New Dream…a New Reality

7 Enchanting Meditations series is created for Women who have cleansed the Womb and want to fill it with the energies of Beauty, Love, Abundance....become Orgasmic and Enlightened....and fall asleep with the Magical Moon to become Mysterious and always desirable.

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Heal Your Womb Meditations

Set of 3 Healing Meditations

1 - Purify your Sacred Womb 
2 -
Heal your Feminine Lineage
3 -
Heal your Masculine Lineage 

* These 3 Meditations are included in

the Womb Healing Video Program.

Awakening The Enchantress

Set of 7 Enchanting Meditations

1 - I am Beautiful! Goddess of Earth
2 - I am Love! Goddess Aphrodite
3 - I am Orgasmic! Goddess of Fire
4 - I am Enchanted! Awaken your Enchantress! 
5 - I am Abundant! Money is Freedom ~ Money is Love! 
6 - I am Glowing with the Light Divine! 
7 - I am the Moon ~ He is the Sun!  Night meditation.

$ 300

$ 500

Individual Guided Meditations

1 - I am Beautiful! Goddess of Earth

Open First Chakra. The Mother Earth, she loves you.  Bliss out with the Goddess of Earth on this Enchanting and Healing journey to feel radiantly beautiful and healthy.  


Use this meditation to allow her to heal and rebuild you on a cellular level.  

Do it regularly and glow with

Timeless Beauty and Confidence.

Enroll to receive it as a


2 - I am Love!

Goddess Aphrodite

Open Second Chakra. 

Meet the Goddess Aphrodite and drink from the fountain of her love!

Take this most healing journey into the space of love. Open Up as a WOMAN.

Let the rose of love flower in your heart ~ womb. 

Charge your Feminine Magnet with the nectar of love.

 Call in your Beloved...


3 - I am Orgasmic!

Goddess of Fire

Open Third Chakra. 

Ready to Ignite your desire and drink from the fountain of love? 


Meet the Goddess of Fire and the God of the Sun - Apollo himself!

Saturate your body with Orgasmic Energy  ~ the most Powerful Force in All Creation.

Become Heaven on Earth for your Beloved!


4- I am Enchanted!

Awaken the  Enchantress

Open Fourth Chakra. 

The power of Charm opens every door, every heart...
Are you ready to meet Your Inner Enchantress ?!

This advanced meditation blends and harmonizes All the energies: Earth, Water & Fire of your Desire.


Listen to it AFTER you have Filled up with the Energy of Beauty, Love and Passion. Become the Muse.


5 - I am Abundant!

Money is Freedom!

Open Fifth Chakra. 

Take this most healing journey into the space of Abundance and Unlock your infinite potential to create and  RECEIVE! 

Release FEAR

(False Evidence Appearing Real)

of luck and limitation! 

I also experienced a spontaneous healing in my body ... 


6 - I am Glowing with

the Light Divine

Open Sixth & Seventh Chakras. 

This meditation  will Purify,  Heal, Beautify and Harmonize your Physical and Energetic bodies.


It will fill you with the energy of Love on the cellular level, bathe your subconscious with Divine Love & Gratitude!

Quick and wonderful for daily use at anytime!​


7 - I am the Moon ~

Night Meditation!

Every night feast on the magic of the MOON.

This meditation will fill you with her mystery and charm, deeply relax you and create a special bond with your beloved...

Take this most healing journey into the land of love and Awaken your Feminine Essence... Each night!


Individual Womb Healing Meditations

Father ~ Heal your Masculine Lineage

Mother ~ Heal your

Feminine Lineage

Purify your Sacred Womb

Heal your inner child

These 3 meditations will Awaken your Feminine energy and fill your womb with Love! 
The fastest healing happens when you do all 3 in the set order - over and over again.

NOTE: they are included in the Womb Healing Video Program.

The set of all 3 is better value.

Release all Fears

and limiting beliefs to feel


"I am lovable"

"I am worthy of love"

in your core...

I love my mother


Heal your relationship with your mother and

feminine lineage going back 7 generations 

I love my father

Heal your relationship with your father and all the men in your life.

Experience a real relationship with your man without projections.




Do you desire individualized meditation created for Your unique needs?

Yana creates healing guided trans- meditations crafted to answer your special needs. The meditation will break your patterns of behavior, heal an old wound and  help to manifest your dreams.

Simply discuss with Yana your situation and requirements, and she will design a perfect meditation for you.

It has been my Dream for 7 years to create the most effective and pleasurable way to become Enchanted...

To fulfill Men's deepest desire to love and be loved by His Dream Woman


Contact Yana for details to create a 

Meditation Personally for You

$ 500

Guided Meditations help you to
Embody Feminine Sacred Sexuality.
Clients have reported amazing results

Next Step

Women who completed this program now refer to Yana as a magic woman, the High Priestess of Aphrodite training her Acolytes.

Indeed it works like magic,

when you learnt to embody the Enchanting Energy of Aphrodite.

Excited by the phenomenal results, Yana created

The Mystery School of Feminine Arts to teach women how to embody

their powers of sensuality, sexuality and feminine divine. 

Now this unique opportunity is yours when you take the:

STEP 1Awaken your Power of Sensuality by Healing Your Womb

STEP 2 - To Embody your Sexuality with Rituals with 4 Elements 

STEP 3 - Create a New Image with Enchanting Meditations

Advanced Rituals for Love

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