Heal your Womb

Awaken Your Power of Sensuality

Your womb is the KEY to balanced hormones, happiness and radiance that makes you deliciously irresistible at any age.


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This 7 STEP Legendary Womb Healing Program
consists of 4 Videos with Yana performing

the Rituals and 3 healing Meditations

$ 500

 Hope you enjoyed the video!

* After you cleanse your womb and heal your relationships with feminine and masculine energies, you will find your self-love flowering, with greater depth than ever before.  

*  Now you too can live with pleasure thrumming through your body, without overindulging in food, shopping or casual sex...

*  Imagine your body brimming over with feminine sexual energy flowing from your Pure like a Virgin Womb, . 


 * You will discover the true magic that comes from being One with your partner...

* The Womb is your 1st power center... All feelings are born and stored here.  

* It's the KEY to balanced hormones, happiness and radiance that makes you deliciously irresistible at any age.

Step 2. Meditation 

Heal your childhood & emotional traumas ...(e.g. fear, sexual abuse is stored in the womb as a dark energy block) so you can maintain your happiness and don't experience periods of low energy, depression, hopelessness.

Step 3. Meditation

Heal your relationship with your Inner Child,

the Mother and Feminine Lineage  for 7 generations.

Step 4. Meditation

Heal your relationship with the Father and the Masculine Lineage. Start Trusting and Receiving from men...

Step 1. Video

Helps you to disconnect all past sexual, emotional and mental attachments ...

Step 5. Video

How to radiate from the womb...

Step 6. Video

How to turn on your sexual magnet!

Step 7. Video

How fill your Womb up with 'WATER' a geisha technique...

7 Step Womb Healing Program

$ 500

Watch a Testimonial >>

for the  Womb Healing Program

(one of the sisters is a virgin)

I saw Yana and it was a Blessing. And the results are insane. This is what every girl deserves to know!

Clients have reported amazing results

Women who completed this program now refer to Yana as a magic woman, the High Priestess of Aphrodite training her Acolytes.

Next Step

Rituals with 4 Elements

Indeed it works like magic,

when you learnt to embody the Enchanting Energy of Aphrodite.

Excited by the phenomenal results, Yana created

The Mystery School of Feminine Arts to teach women how to embody

their powers of sensuality, sexuality and feminine divine. 

Now this unique opportunity is yours when you take the:

STEP 1  - Awaken your Power of Sensuality by Healing Your Womb

STEP 2 - To Embody your Sexuality with Rituals with 4 Elements 

STEP 3 - Create a New Image with Enchanting Meditations

Let's begin this Magical Journey! 

Heal your Womb Video Program

When your womb is restored back to
energetic virginity and sexual potency
You become irresistibly magnetic to love!

$ 500

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