Awaken & Embody


Sensual ~ Sacred ~ Sexuality

Heal your Womb

Heal your Heart

Imagine You know the ancient

Arts of Love

Cleopatra knew them and look at the

power she wielded. 
Listen now as Yana explains how you too can become an Enchantress.

Feminine Energy is like the sweet nectar of a beautiful flower....
When the Flower Opens ~ it is an irresistible
Magnet to Love

<<  Watch how!

School Curriculum

Level 1 & Level 2

Level 1 Mystery School of Feminine Arts

Online Video / Audio Programs

for Self-Study

STEP 1   Womb Healing

with the legendary 7 step Video Program and Meditations 

Heal Your Womb Program by Yana Good

STEP 2   Rituals with 4 Elements

Awaken your sexuality with this video program

Rituals with 4 Elements by Yana Good

STEP 3  7 Enchanting Meditations

Reprogram your subconscious mind & live your dream

7 Enchanting Meditations by Yana Good

Advanced Rituals and Meditations

keep you Evolving through video & audio

Completing the 3 steps in level 1 will:

  • Help heal your body and mind from any childhood traumas and insecurities  

  • Supercharge you with feminine energy

  • Enable you to practice advanced rituals of enchantment with Yana at the retreats

After completing the level 1, you are ready for level 2:

Master the Arts of Enchantment & Tantra

LIVE with Yana

Now you will learn:

  • How to use your Energy in a relationship ~ to keep you both Excited for life

  • How to work within the 5th Element ~ Ether,  the domain of the Geisha

  • The Art of Tantra is for men & women. Individually or as a couple

* All the Secrets of Geishas and Cleopatra's Art of Enchantment are revealed to you in the Retreats

Level 2 Arts of Enchantment & Tantra School

live retreats and healing sessions

for Men & Women

Exclusive Tantra Retreats
for Men & Women

Master the Art of Tantra

Individual or as a Couple, 1 day intensive or as a 5 day retreat

4 Retreats 

Master the Art of Feminine Enchantment 

Aphrodite Rising

Cleopatra Ruling 

Geisha Enchanting

You the Enchantress

1 Month or 1 Year Retreat Programs

Master the Arts of Love for yourself or become a certified coach. 

Come to Paradise and practice the ancient rituals with Yana live!

Individual Mystery Healing Sessions
for Men & Women

Experience deep healing and transformation

Enchanting & 

Tantric Rituals



with Yana


Bali ~ Thailand ~ Maldives ~ Ibiza

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*   "I Am Beautiful" meditation, worth $100, as a gift.

*   Videos REVEALING    new secrets     of the Enchantresses.

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