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Online Retreat # 2

"Magical Woman"

I am Abundant Queen

👑 Powers of Cleopatra 👑 

Online Retreat  #2 

“I am Abundant Queen”

Archetype will be Activated in a 
10 week journey with me ~ Yana Good❣️ 

I am inviting you to:

💃 Embody your Queen ~ Sovereign Powerful and Abundant Beloved archetype. 

Deeply Fall in Love with YourSelf: 

1. Heal your Cinderella archetype - 
Stop waiting and dreaming and hopping for a better future… Your Time is Now. 

Start blooming 🌹in your feminine magic you are beautiful my dear 🧚‍♀️

I will guide you through this delicious metamorphosis 🦋 with feminine rituals and practices of Cleopatra. 

I have learned a lot from this magnificent Queen of love, beauty and abundance. Cleopatra raised herself from exile to the throne and I will teach you her secrets of self love, confidence and success in love 😘

2. Together we will Heal your personal & ancestral limiting
“Money 💰 Story” 

Poverty consciensness is dangerously contagious and transferred from generation to generation… it’s time to heal that. 

Scarcity mentality is an emotionally charged state of mind that “poor me” Cinderella archetype is holding so tightly together. It is time to release her And untangle your inner attachments to self destruction, struggle and strain. Stop hopping and dreaming about a better future, a better man, a better body…

It’s time for Becoming and Embodying by practicing the rituals of a Queen 👑. 

3. It is Time we Activate your Abundance Codes.

You will Enjoy this Practical transformation into Embodying your inner Queen of love, Beaty and abundance 💋

I am inviting you into an exhilarating journey of Self Love and pure feminine transformation. It’s time for a Magical Woman Retreat with Yana Good 🦋😘🌹

We start November 6th Saturday 2021. We will meet every Saturday on zoom where you can see me and each other and ask your questions life. 

Each session is professionally filmed and recorded and you can access it in a few days.

You can join us on a magic opening ceremony November 6 and be a part of the Life SiSTAR group or join us anytime in the future and catch up with us 💃🦋 or do it later in your own private time. 

I will not be leading Retrets #1 and #2 life again as the Recorded version is magnificent in quality and power. Those that took the first retreat life are now re-doing it in the recording and enjoy the deep reflections and transformations. The first retreat is a prerequisite for this retreat. So I invite you to start your “Journey to Wholeness Retreat #1” online ASAP and joining us life in November🧚‍♀️

All the details are on the website:

$ 2000

+ 500 + 500

November 1

Weekly recorded

Eng / Rus?

10 sessions

money (becomes program)

lineage (becomes program)

queen activation code

Become his Dream Woman


Irresistible, Mysterious, Alluring

Inspire your man with a glance, a feeling,

a touch,  a taste, a scent

Master the immense power of the 5 Elements

to mesmerize

your man and keep him wildly excited for life.

Escape your current reality 

Come to Paradise and Embody the

very Essence of your Seductress

Confident, Empowered, Abundant

take your man to ultimate heights, 

as you learn how to spin the vortex of the 4 Elements

to create any specific result. 

The secret rituals with the 5th Element is

the key to Abundance in money & love. 

Practice these magical rituals with Yana

live an Ecstatic life.

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