"Magical Woman"

Journey to Wholeness & Love

Online Retreat # 1

You are invited on an intimate

soulful journey into Self Love!


Dive into your depth,

heal and balance the good girl & the bad one,

the pain, the gilt, the inner victime, the cruel voice inside: 

"I am not enough" ... "don't have enough"...


Liberate the pleasure...

your feminine juiciness ~

Become Magical!


For whom is this alchemical journey?


* You’ve felt flutters of feminine power,

but don’t know how to sustain it or utilise it to build a love affair that lasts forever.

* You truly desire to embody your sexual feminine divine,

to tap into your magic, and live ignited, abundant in love.

* You secretly covet to become the divine sorceress in every

area of your life, and live the Life of Your Dreams.

So are you finally ready to be cracked open,

to dive to the depths of your darkness and release

anything rooted in the way of your most elegant,

divine, abundant and deeply self-trusting

soulful embodiment 

of the magnificent You?


If you are ready, I am inviting you into our intimate

group of 20 Women 

In 10 weeks together we will clear layers

of subconscious wounds, that prevent you from

opening up and shining in your soulful beauty and to build your sacred union, not just an ordinary marriage.

Yana will take you on a journey of channelled activations

which address the blockages held in the emotional, mental,

ancestral & generational, and soul extensions of your past lives,

to locate and to release the ancient traumas in your bodies of light and in your DNA, as akashic records and memories – dissolving and transmuting the stuck energy into the Innocent Pure FLOW of love, creativity and success!

Healing the subtle energetic bodies allows

recalibration and alignment, assisting in the release of

any stagnant energy and any energy not aligned to your

highest soul purpose, namely to become loving & loved!


As we work on many levels, powerful release occurs.  Your blocks and traumas, recurring behaviours and patterns that hold you from wholeness, empowerment, clarity, sensual sexuality, harmony, confidence, love, and soul gifts – are dissolved on all levels, with so much support and love.  In the vacuum that occurs, you are interconnected and filled with light encodements of highest frequency and empowerment that stream into your being and transform you.

The Path of Wholeness is an alchemical journey... 

It will inspire you to emit the subtle yet powerful scent of

a happy, sexy, liberated...

pure, innocent & sweet aroma of a Magical Woman.


For whom is this unique retreat:

  • For women from 18 to 100.

  • Students that already went through the womb healing program and are ready to receive more; go further and deeper with Yana's personal guidance.

  • Psychologists, coaches, public figures, stars, healers, spiritual guides


This live online retreat has space for only 20 women,

 others are welcome to receive the recorded version.


The retreat begins on April 4, for 10 weeks, live online.

Every Sunday, for 2 hours. For USA it is morning, for UK it is evening. Access to the recording is unlimited.

There are 3 options:

The Golden Pass is $1500. It includes once a week group sessions. Closed telegram chat with Yana’s personal support where you can ask any questions and where you will be given you your homework. Unlimited access to the recorded retreat.



The People who choose the diamond way, which is only for 5 women, who will first have to pass through an interview with Yana. Only after that consultation Yana will design the right gifts. This unique group is forming right now. Give yourself the greatest gift this year, you are more than deserving. The Diamond Pass is $3000. It includes 3 live personal consultations, each 3 hours length. 9 hours of individual work with Yana where she carefully and lovingly will guide you through your ancestral and life scenarios for even deeper personal transformation of your life. Individual gifts, that will be designed for you after the consultation, personal connection with Yana through WhatsApp throughout the whole retreat, and answering, and giving feedback immediately and the homework. Also unlimited access to closed telegram group and recordings.


This is a small group and has limited space for 5 women only, and preference will be given to those already working with

the womb-healing program.

Payment only after the private consultation with Yana.



The Ruby Pass, the recorded retreat is $1000. It is for those who cannot make it into the live retreat. You will get unlimited access to the closed telegram chat, can ask questions and get support from Yana there.

I’m inviting you into the new reality, to get the date of the consultation. Write to me/Yana directly into Yana’s WhatsApp.

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We gaze at the stars, not the darkness surrounding them. How different would your life be if you focused on the light?

Magical Woman

deep inside is calling you to bloom.

accept her inner gifts divine,

dive truly deep and liberate your Truth...

Become the Woman of your dreams!

Free the magic inside.

Life is a Gift from heaven and you need to love yourself with dignity, like the Queen, because there will be no second chance...

This deep immersion is a journey into a total acceptance of yourself in unconditional love! 

Radically reorientating you to the centre of your being and beyond, where you will finally meet the majestic, ecstatic, magical woman that has always lived within you, waiting to be freed. 


And in the sacred feminine space, find Yourself,

trusting, opening, expecting magic and free to be happy 


Uncover and connect with deep soul-stirring fulfilment in love, purpose, money and sexuality.


Why has nothing worked in the past?

When you are operating with subconscious low vibrations in your being of: ‘I’m not worthy’, ‘I’m not lovable’, ‘I need to be or do something to earn love’

it is difficult to truly love yourself.

The Law of Attraction kicks in

And when you are emitting these low vibes

- you are unconsciously rejecting the flow of love and abundance that always and natural wants to flow through you.


1) From this space, it is not possible to fill a man with the magic of love because you are not full of it yourself,

so there is always an underlying energetic pain between you that eventually drives him away, and you to frustration and heartache.

2) From this space it is not possible to truly open to wealth

because you’re unconsciously rejecting the flowing energy of money. 

3) From this space it is not possible to experience the sensual, blissful and orgasmic depths of true love,

because your body subconsciously doesn’t feel it deserves pleasure.

This magical immersion is where we dive into and release all of these stuck, low vibrations of guilt, shame, fear and unworthiness;


when we release these lower frequencies of conditioning we are able to honor the Womb -

our centre of sensuality in the body and

activate your feminine radiance within. 

If you’re ready to dissolve your deepest wounds at a cellular level,

and access the highest most blissful version of yourself, than

this is your Reatret where the magic happens.

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Call now

Let me introduce you to Feminine Magic:

The Journey To Wholeness Retreat


Your nectar-filled 10-week sacred journey: 

1. Activate ~ We begin by opening up your natural sexuality, activating your wild innate feminine nature, so you are tuned in, tapped in and turned on by your own inner flow. Discover how to plug into your own personal power source of sexual energy so you feel energised, activated and alive in your body, your creative expression, your sensuality and your life. 


2. Heal ~ Heal your deepest fears, childhood traumas, ancestral and karmic debts, so you return to your innate purity; a space of innocence. Here we dissolve the deep-rooted shame, guilt, and feeling of not good enough that was embedded in childhood and has been defining your life this far. You will experience ultimate freedom from your wounds, and be returned and reconnected to the source of who you truly are, your true nature, fully activated in its divine potency. 

3. Create ~ Learn how to become an architect of your life utilising the powerful deep principles of the laws of karma, akashic records and the law of cause and effect and finally understand what role they play in the forming of your fate. 

When you understand these principles at a deep level, and cut through the confusion of anything you’ve read before, you will be able to use them powerfully and with clear intention to cast magic and alchemy in the creation of every area of your life. 

4. Liberate ~ Liberate yourself completely from the old mental fearful patterns and traps that were formed in your childhood that are running your life. We’ll dissolve and detach these deep-rooted fears so you can fully and truly embody and embrace deep self-love, wholeness and innate worthiness. 

This is the place you reclaim your power, recharge your energy and activate your deepest desires, as now you are truly vibrating in accordance with them and call them in with ease and grace. 

5. Magnetise ~ Free yourself from the old conditioning and limiting beliefs about your self-worth embedded in your genetic lineage.

Here I’m teaching the advanced, profound and powerful practices and formula extracted from gene codes, to dissolve your fears so you can unlock your next income level and finally access, receive and bask in the true abundance of money you desire and deserve. This is the ultimate secret sauce to unshackle from your subconscious fears and open gracefully to receive the flow of wealth that is waiting for you. 

6. Rise ~ Radically raise your innate sense of self-worth, confidence and inner power so you are in flow with the heartbeat of life, you embody a deep sense of peace and joy for all that is available to you, you dance with deep trust of what unfolds and captivate those around you with your magnetism. 


Most of ALL :

7. Radiate ~ Activate the divine codes of feminine blooming. Fill your Womb - the sacred center of sensual sexuality - with the warmth of love, and blossom, inspiring and filling the world around you! Feel fully charged and in full trust knowing of your divine potential and gifts, activate all of your psychic and spiritual power, and watch as you become a majestic magnet for all that you desire.


I’m inviting you on a powerful journey, into the feminine space of power, where your true transformation begins.

This is a deep dive into your darkness, into the very depths of your fear, so they can be dissolved and destroyed for good.

Together we will, layer by layer, archetype by archetype, go through a rebirth from all of your conditionings. 

say Yes …and at the end 

the fears will dissolve…

the Magic Flower will open

the fragrance it exudes 

intoxicates the heart and mind.

The world is waiting for You my darling.

I only radiate love for myself

I am a reflection of the Universe

I live, I breathe, I love myself in you!

Saying goodbye to the man who betrayed you is not the main thing.

The main thing is to say goodbye to yourself, who betrays yourself every day.

He will definitely come back to check if you are sinking or swimming

 without him.

Show him, and most importantly - yourself,

that you have released the limitations and now Flow with grace!

How to cleanse yourself of pain, fear, resentment, betrayal, anger?

Life is a Gift from heaven and you need to live it with dignity,

like a Queen of Love, because there will be no second chance.

Regain your Wholeness, the inner balance and become

Pure, Innocent,


On January 30, 2021, our first

Online Retreat "Feminine Magic"

The group is being recruited/formed now and there are fewer and fewer places!

Choose your package and write to me in WhatsApp 😘 "I want - I can!"


I will share my innermost tools

which I use for years for myself and my husband.

I invite you to the space of beauty 🧜‍♀️

Watch a video about our love, get inspired and flourish.

Our Journey to Wholeness retreat will be a very personal and deep process in a feminine rhythm.

Now there are many masters and it is not easy to find your guide to female happiness.

I am a wise, experienced, happy and beloved woman who has gone through seven circles of hell and seven circles of heaven.


And my journey to the land of the Blooming Woman

revealed in its divine sexuality, continues in the field of love, luck and abundance.


There are miracles and I will share my experience with you.

Sign up while the group is forming, because happiness is in your hands 🙌

If you can't go through the retreat live, enjoy the recorded version..

May the magic of love bless you on the path of life! ⠀

Ruby ~



Who am I? 

This retreat will be a truly powerful self-immersion,

releasing your feminine divine potential.

Start a new round of your evolution, give yourself the best -

a holistic version of yourself.

I promise this will be an unforgettable journey.

Start a new round of evolution and give yourself the best -

a holistic version of yourself.


Many want these transformations, 

but only special souls are ready to unite in Wholeness all parts of Self.

I'm waiting for you 💞

Write to me in Vatsap 😘 "I want - I can!"


WhatsApp: +1 858-609-9020

Only in the darkest night could we see the brightest light

About Yana

 timeline akashic journeys with Yana to discover and dissolve your core unresolved blockages

1. A rarely gifted reiki and energy healer and remedial massage therapist with a profound gift of the sight of the third eye as a Seer, and with the ability to see into the physical and energetic bodies, to locate – and to dissolve – and to release the blockages held there.  Annie offers her gifts as a physical and energy healer to allow the physical integration of the activations and the akashic timeline journeying you have received – to clear, calibrate and integrate the physical and energetic bodies of the memories and traumas that have been released from all timelines, past life, ancestral and karmic lineages – to allow you to shift, in wholeness – physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually – to match the new level to which your soul is now aligned. 

Annie’s sessions allow the release of all that is stagnant and blocked held in your physical and energetic bodies – releasing, recalibrating, aligning all, to allow your physical body to be freed – and allowing you to receive the higher frequencies and multidimensional soul downloads that will enable you to move forward into your highest soul purpose. 

When we work so hard on our past life and present self with energetic clearing, healing & upgrading we must remember that all of this is connected to our physical body.  Our muscles have memories connected with our energetic body which needs to be recalibrated to match the new level to which  our soul is now aligned.

2. Astrea’s sacred mystery school, The Path of the Mystic, has been offered over many years to high initiates around the world, for many years in Ubud and for the past years in Santorini. 

Astrea’s gift is the ability to see and to repattern geometries to original divine blueprint. She has the gift to connect with and anchor to earth the original blueprints of creation.

She has drawn many codes of sacred geometry of the light body – repatterning and restoring each individual chakra, vortex, gateway, portal, crystal and diamond plate of your multidimensional light body.  She has brought to earth and anchored by public activations over many years the holographic blueprints for the new world, new human. 

She has channeled many sacred mystery school activations and those you receive in this workshop look to the obstructions that you hold to wholeness – to feeling complete, peaceful, at one – able to fully and joyfully enter life and relationships and career – and to clear the recurring issues and patterns and behaviours of the mental, the emotional, the genetic, the physical, and those of the child, where you have been damaged and shut down.  There is an activation to clear the base chakra where are held the deep and heavy blocks to abundance, security, safety and power – where you feel unprovided for, helpless, hopeless, without support.  The multidimensional chakra column rainbow bridge is restored to enable you to fully connect to the realms of your mastery – your light body receives restoration – and, fully connected with the light streams that enable your mastery to be stepped within, your soul gifts are enabled to return to you. 

A new acceleration is now available – combining the activations and the repatterning – with the akashic timeline gifts of Mikaella who is enabled to so gracefully find, and dissolve, the original core experience and trauma that has followed over all ensuing lifetimes – as patterns of disempowerment, suffering, confusion, lack of trust, of lack of success and abundance – and in dissolving the timeline which holds the blocks, obstructions, suffering and distorted beliefs – she is enabled to allow your shift to a new timeline which finds you empowered and enabled to walk your path of destiny and to succeed in all that you chose to bring to this earth.  Mikaella has the gift to see you upon your new timeline and to briefly describe this, offering much clarity on your future path.





Gold Pass

What awaits you at the retreat:

1st week

Theory. The concept of Karmic laws and how your destiny is formed. Why do "misfortunes, troubles, unfair events" happen in our life.

Practice. Meeting with yourself, your family, we will analyze how your life scenarios were formed, you will see where your "legs grow" from. Children's scenarios of Violence-Powerlessness and how fear became the dominant element in the creation of your reality.

Homework for next week.

2nd week

Theory. Working with generic scripts

Practice. Healing.

Homework for next week.


3rd week

Theory. Answers to questions.

Practice. Continuation of healing. Yana will personally guide one of the participants (Diamond Package) through all her child and birth scenarios.

Homework for next week.

4-10 weeks

Theory. Working with archetypes

Practice: Personal 6

Homework for next week.

Archetypes - and their Shadow Aspects

According to the levels of sexual energy that I have uncovered through a deep study of pride - fear in personal sessions. When the scenario of a good - a bad girl and a boy is revealed, one can see how the foundations for ego archetypes ~ Masks / roles in society are laid: who am I? And what is worthy? And this adds up the relationship with money as a confirmation of their dignity.

1. Beggar - slave

fear - responsibility, basic survival

pleasure - attention of important persons, easy money:

need - energy and money

dreams most often do not come true

Bondage, not a desire to bear any responsibility, dignity is below the baseboard, there is always no money and you have to borrow - regularly ... fears, horrors full of pants ... sexually very meager, squeezed by inferiority complexes.

Fight for survival.


2. The maid is a subordinate

fear is instability

pleasure - family, wealth

He really wants to be married to a man to take responsibility, usually a housewife or an employee, Works for a small salary, but enough for a minimum. Wants and brings up children, they are her meaning in life. She herself, as a Woman, is squeezed and with money - there is never much ...

If Beautiful, then she often dreams of an oligarch-savior or "a good man - a real man." Likes to obey.

Fight for the family.


3. Business woman - Cinderella

fear - loss of strength, tired of carrying everything on myself

pleasure - to be 1st, a lot of ostentation - brands, cars, travel

illusion - a stronger man is needed

In the meantime, there is no need to worry about it. ”

manager, mistress of a small business, workaholic, "horse", often all by herself, everyone rides on it either a boy-woman \ bitch - "where he sat down, there were tears",

"I said - so it will be"

There is an element of corruption, "prostitution" in its various manifestations - the kept woman of a husband or lover, or the Boss - Business.


Attitudes: I'm cool!

* work, plow, earn - it is NECESSARY!

* To be a Personality - someone important, respected to be feared ... loved ... obeyed, ingratiated, envied ... jealous ...

* career - most importantly - as an opportunity to Realize and Prove your Significance - value ... everything is bought and sold ...

Level: philistinism and merchants - money 💰 rule - the form of God. Competition, Compare - Fight 🤼‍♀️ for money and power

4. Queen - Beggar

fear - being left without funds

pleasure is a luxury

Attitudes: I am the most - Beautiful, respected, they are afraid of me - they obey, they love, they obey .... there is servility, ingratiating themselves, they suck up to her ... men are afraid - they respect, compete) Struggle for power - Significance!

The fear of poverty interferes with the previous ones. Only here he Drives up to success in society. If in the first two archetypes the fear of poverty paralyzes, in 3 it mobilizes, then it motivates the Queen to succeed and grow up the career ladder


5. Priestess - Pride


Service from the center of power - but Pride interferes with the flow of love and abundance


6. Maginya - integration (black and white magic) choice to serve the Light Forces


7) Goddess - there is unity with everything and there is no pride, struggle or need - desires ... Everything is a part of me. The aspect of the Holiness of life is turned on - the drop returns to the Ocean and lives from integrity - you can Love without the conditions of all.

To be continued. 2nd retreat

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Gold Pass


Diamond Pass


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