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  • $ 500

  • Money

  • Abundance

  • 5 live sessions

  • Sales videos

  • Independent, also registered

  • Better if through 1st retreat

  • Buy first retreat

Viva the Queen 👑 

Still looking for the name of the second retreat…. Feel free to suggest different ideas 💡 

“Abundant Queen” 
journey into self love : 
heal your Money Chanel and the Cinderella archetype 

activate the codes of Abundance in your Queen archetype in all aspects of your life. Let your inner light Shine

A power practical healing exciting journey that will empower you as a Queen 👑 
of your love and money Chanels … it will definitely increase your Sexual magic as a result! 

Side effects- 

His attitude towards you will shift into admiration, adoration and desire to serve his Queen 👑

heal your/ the relationship with money, not only coming from this life, also from lineage, limitation, money issues, restore lineage, restore back to abundance.

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