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Online Retreat # 1 – Diamond Pass

Online Retreat # 1 – Diamond Pass

Diamond pass 

For those that desire Private attention.

To purchase please contact Yana directly on Whatsapp.


Magical Woman Online Retreat #1: "Journey to Wholeness"


Hello darling, join us Now for a 10 session professionally Recorded online retreat!


In april of 2021, once a week I took a group of live participants through a powerful journey on Zoom and gave a homework for a week. Everything was also professionally recorded and edited so that you can join us any time and enjoy the best version. This retreat is so powerful in recording that I will never offer it life again. I personally already re-deed it 2 times in a recording! Such a joy to see how I expand each time!

Practice makes perfect indeed.


This retreat is a prerequisite for all the following online and life retreats.

So, do it now!

It will change you in ways that are impossible to describe...

You can join any time and go through this journey the whole year at your own pace.

Includes 3 private healing sessions and other gifts that I will share in a private consultation, plus join us in a private telegram chat to ask questions and share experiences.


  • Each session comes as 2 (or more) videos: part 1 ~  theory and part 2 ~ practice. 
  • Unlimited access to the closed telegram chat.

      Here you can ask questions & receive personal support from Yana.

  • 1 year access to the recorded retreat.


All the details about this Retreat are on the website.


To purchase please contact Yana directly on Whatsapp.


With Love & Magic!

Yana Good


I am happy to help with any questions if you connect via 

WatsApp: +1 (858) 609-90-20


YouTube: Yana Good - Magical Woman

Instagram: Yana.Good.Love

Facebook: Yana.Good.Love

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