• Meditation #1 I AM BEAUTIFUL



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    The Mother Earth, she loves you.  Bliss out with the Goddess of Earth on this Enchanting and Healing journey to feel radiantly beautiful and healthy.  


    Use this meditation to allow her to heal and rebuild you on a cellular level.  

    Do it regularly and glow with Timeless Beauty and Confidence.

    Listen to it for 7 days with earphones and See the results!!

    You will Feel and Look radiant, light and beautiful....the whole world will reflect and celebrate Your Beauty with you!


    This is the 1st of 7 meditations from the series: 

    "Enchanting Meditations for Women!"

    #1 I AM BEAUTIFUL! 🍓 Free on the Website www.YanaGood.com
    #2 I AM LOVE! 🌺 Water ~ blooming sensuality.
    #3 I AM Orgasmic! 🔥 He & She ~ Fire of Desire.
    #4 I AM Enchanted! 🍭Air--blending them all-advanced!*
    #5 I AM Abundant! Money is Freedom ~ Money is Love!
    #6 I AM Eternal ~ I am  Divine! Healing with the Light!
    #7 I AM the Moon ~ He is the Sun! Do it every night!


    I spent 7 years learning the ancient rituals of beauty and love and years to practice...to Feel energy flow through me ...the Pure Feminine Orgasmic Divine energy flowing through every cell of my body filling me up with Love and Joy and Pleasure...These magical meditations charge me up everyday with whatever quality I desire: beauty, love, passion, abundance, bliss....
    The world mirrors back: love, adoration, abundance and support...keeps surprising me with magic, 
    and fulfills All of my desires born in the womb...in the space of pleasure and love!

    With love and beauty!❤️💋
    Yana Good



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