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I am Queen

Online Magical Woman Retreat # 2

Queen ~ Priestess ~ Goddess

Learn from Cleopatra how to become Confident, Abundant and Wise.

Online Magical Woman Retreat # 2

Awakening Queen


Activate your Codes of Abundance

Learn the Rituals of Cleopatra

Receive the Blessings of

Goddess Isis for Earth Rituals and

Goddess Lakshmi for divine Flow of Abundance


Queen ~ this powerful Archetype will be Activated in a 10 week journey with me ~ Yana Good 

I am inviting you to:
Embody your Queen ~ Sovereign, Powerful and Abundant. 

Deeply Fall in Love with YourSelf: 

1. Heal your Cinderella Archetype - 
Stop waiting and dreaming and hopping for a better future… Your Time is Now. 

Start blooming in your Feminine Magic, you deserve to feel Confident in your Beauty and Sexuality!

1. I will guide you through this delicious metamorphosis with feminine rituals and practices of Cleopatra. There is much to be learned from this legendary Queen.  Cleopatra raised herself from exile to the throne and I will teach you her secrets of Self Love, Confidence and Success in love...

2. Together we will Heal your personal & ancestral limiting
Money Story” 

Poverty consciensness is dangerously contagious and transferred from generation to generation… it’s time to heal that. 

Scarcity mentality is an emotionally charged state of mind that “poor me” Cinderella Archetype is holding so tightly together. It is time to release her, and untangle your inner attachments to self destruction, struggle and strain. Stop hopping and dreaming about a better future, a better man, a better body…

It’s time for Becoming and Embodying by practicing the Rituals of a Queen. 

3. It is Time we Activate your Abundance Codes.

You will Enjoy this Practical Transformation into Embodying your inner Queen of Love, Beauty and Abundance.


Get here the Online Retreat #1 ~ Journey to Wholeness

~ the recorded retreat ~​​

And call me on WhatsApp to discuss your participation in #2 ~ Awakening Queen

  • WA_1

+1 858 609 9020

Or, for instance when you already did #1, buy directly here:


I am inviting you

into an Exhilarating Journey of Self Love and pure Feminine Transformation.


It’s time for a Magical Woman Retreat with Yana Good.


We start Saturday, July 7th, 2024. We will meet every Saturday on zoom where you can see me and each other and ask your questions life. 


Each session is professionally filmed and recorded and you can access it in a few days after we started.

You will have unlimited access to the recorded version after the retreat is completed.

I am inviting you to join us on July 7th, 2024 and become a part of the Live group!

This is a one time Golden opportunity to participate in it live.

Once it is completed it will be available for the same price as a recorded version only. 


Of course, you can join us anytime in the future and catch up with us or do it later in your own private time. 


Why is it offered live only once?

1. The Recorded version is magnificent in quality and power. 


2. For ALL the participants there will be a monthly live gathering on zoom, to answer questions and support all the Queens.We live in such a turbulent world, that the Queen's Club is a necessity for addressing the challenges and questions as they arising for us as women. 


3. We need the Queen's Club ~ our sacred container ~ for support and inspiration.The Queen's Club will be in our dedicated Telegram Channel.


Those that took the first retreat live are now re-doing it in the recording multiple times and enjoy the deep Reflections and Transformations . I personally have already taken my own Retreat, #1, for 6 times, and each time it helped dissolve and resolve another layer.

See the short testimonial below of one of the

participants of Retreat #1

The first retreat is a prerequisite for this retreat.

So I invite you to start your “Journey to Wholeness Retreat #1” online ASAP!

Get here the Online Retreat #1 ~ Journey to Wholeness

~ the recorded retreat ~​​

And call me on WhatsApp to discuss your participation in #2 ~ Awakening Queen

  • WA_1

+1 858 609 9020

Or, for instance when you already did #1, buy directly here:

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Join me!

I am creating a new unique Journey into Self-Love!

And I invite you to share this delightful experience.

Our muse here will be Queen Cleopatra.

Cleopatra was not a beauty, but her melodious voice and magnetic charisma had a bewitching power over the most powerful men in the world, who gave their lives in favor of her political plans.​​

Who is this unique retreat for?

For you, if you have completed the 1st retreat and are ready to move on, so that

Acquire Cleopatra's magnetism:

Raise your own dignity to the level of:  “I am the Queen!”

Unleash the power of your Eroticism!

Flirting like a Queen is subtle and noble, awakening sublime feelings in a man!

To charm and attract, and not to run and look for a worthy man. Let Him come to you!

Make your sex life with your partner juicy, ​ bright and unpredictable!

Adjust your sexual magnet to Abundance!

Have you heard the saying: “To love is like the Queen!”?

Activate the archetype of the Queen - an abundant, luxurious Woman who has known herself in love and creates her own destiny.


Men rule the world, and Queens rule men.

Give Him a Dream - Become His Queen

There will be many practices and rituals here. All the details are in the video!

Now we are recruiting for the “Golden group ”, where participants will have a unique chance to undergo a retreat in Yana’s living field. After completion, the retreat will only be available by recording. The recording price will remain the same as for the “Golden Composition”.


Give yourself a royal gift for the New Year to celebrate it at the peak of your strength, beauty and charm.

The retreat will begin on November 4, 2023, when the “Golden Composition” will be fully formed. Take action! After all, places are limited.

The live meeting will take place every Saturday on Zoom, where you can ask your personal questions via video call.

Write to me on WhatsApp 😘 “I want - I can!

I will give you the opportunity to pay for this retreat after a personal consultation.


WhatsApp: +1 858 609 9020

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Or, for instance when you already did #1, get it now:

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Call now for details 



For whom are these unique retreats?

  • For all women from 20 to 100 years young.

  • Psychologists, coaches, public figures, stars, healers, spiritual guides

  • Students of Yana that would like to evolve further & go deeper. 


Buy here the Online Retreat #1 ~ Journey to Wholeness

~ the recorded retreat ~​​

  • It is for thousands of women who couldn't make it into the live retreat. Join us now!

  • You will get unlimited access to the closed telegram chat. 

  • Here you can ask questions & receive personal support from Yana.

  • 1 year access to the recorded retreat.


Online Retreat #2 ~ Awaking the Queen

  • WA_1

  • Yana will carefully & lovingly guide you through your ancestral & life scenarios for even deeper personal transformations.

  • Individual gifts, that will be designed for you after the initial consultation.

  • We will look deeply into your "Human Design" template.

  • Personal connection with Yana through WhatsApp during the whole retreat,  answering & giving feedback immediately, and special homework.

  • Also unlimited access to closed telegram group and recordings.

Give yourself the greatest gift this year,

you are more than deserving.

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Call now for details 

I’m inviting you into a new reality, you are ready.

Or, for instance when you already did #1, buy now:

Testimonial 1

Retreat No. 1 "Journey to Wholeness"


Retreat No. 2 "Awakening the Queen"

To a woman who buys both retreats at once, I will give two individual sessions or $500 as a gift. You Choose!

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Gili M-6.JPG

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