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I am a Queen

Priestess & Goddess

Learn from Cleopatra how to become Confident, Abundant and Wise.

Activate your Codes of Prosperity

Learn the Rituals of Cleopatra

Receive the Blessings of

Goddess Isis and Goddess Lakshmi 

Become a Queen


Queen ~ this powerful Archetype we will Activate in a 10 week online journey with me ~ Yana Good

You will fall in Love with YourSelf and: 

1. Heal your Cinderella Archetype 

2. Heal your Money Channel

3. Activate your Abundance Codes

4. ​Feel Confident in your Beauty & Sexuality!

Cinderella Archetype with “poor little me” story transfers from generation to generation her Insecurity & Scarcity codes - your limiting programs. It is time to dissolve "Her" attachments to self-destruction. Right?!

It is time to Activate your Queen Archetype.

I will guide you through this delicious metamorphosis with Rituals & Practices of Cleopatra.

There is much to be learned from this legendary Queen. Cleopatra raised herself from exile to the throne! She became a High Priestess and a Goddess in Egypt.

Access her mindset of Self-Love, Confidence & Success!




on July 7th, 2024. 

into an Extraordinary Experience!

We will meet every Sunday for 10 weeks

on Zoom where you can participate live.

ALL  the  DETAILS  for the 

'I am Queen' Retreat:

 includes 10 Sessions

(on average 3 hours each)

 professionally video recorded

All you need is a phone or a computer.

  • Your GIFT - 1 year membership in the Love Temple

  • Unlimited access to the Recorded Retreat.

  • Unlimited access to the dedicated Telegram Chat, for questions & support from Yana & others.

Temple membership includes 8 live Monthly zoom sessions, also recorded. So, you will always have a chance to ask me your questions & Heal your personal issues.

​You are welcome to join anytime!

Level 1. 'Wholeness' Retreat

* is a pre-requisite for

Level 2. 'Queen' Retreat.

*Request a free consultation with Yana to be able to join the Queens.

I invite you to start your “Journey to Wholeness Retreat” online ASAP!

Of course, you can buy both of them now so you participate Live on July 7!

I made a Special Queen's Offer for you ~ SEE below 


Queen's Special Offer


 Queen's offering: 

2 Retreats – $4000

  • 1 year Temple membership  ($1000)

  • 1 to 1 Healing Session ($500)

  • 1 program ($500​) choose from: Womb Healing, Meditations, Rituals with 4 Elements.

  • WA_1

Call now to Join

1. Wholeness Retreat – $1000

2. Queen Retreat – $3000

3 Gifts. Receive $2000 in support:


July 7, 2024

Join the Live group – get your Gifts!

This is a one time Golden opportunity to participate in it Live with Yana. 

Later it will be available as a recorded version only. 

Of course, you can join us anytime.

Why is it offered live only once?

1. The Recorded version is magnificent in quality and power. Practice at your own pace ~ anywhere - as often as you want!


2. Once you buy any of the Recorded or Live retreats, I will gift you a 1 year membership in the Love Temple. 

Temple membership includes 8 live | recorded | zoom sessions. So, you will always have a chance to ask me your questions & Heal your personal issue(s).

Temle of Love.jpg
Temle of Love.jpg

Love Temple

 In this turbulent world, we need the Temple ~ our sacred container

for online support, healing and inspiration, for all our students.

All Year Long!

 The Temple is on our dedicated Telegram Channel.


The yearly membership includes a monthly live gathering on Zoom,

a total of 8  Group Sessions in 12 month ~ $1000 for 1 year membership

Every session is recorded and available for 1 year.

In a way, it is like an ongoing online retreat in a form of mentorship for all.

Especially for all the Queens, that joined later! They get 1 year free!

These Group Sessions can also be purchased individually during the year, so you can choose: a yearly commitment or simply join 1 session, whenever you need help (recording is included), for $200.

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Those that took our first online-retreat "Wholeness" in 2021,

have been re-doing it in the recordings multiple times...

enjoying new layers of Transformation.

Personally, I have watched the "Wholeness" Retreat 6 times,

each time diving in deeper and dissolving yet another layer.

It's amazing how effective these retreats are! 

See the short testimonial below of one of the

participants of the "Wholeness" Retreat 

Flower Bath-19.jpg
Flower Bath-19.jpg

Level 2 ~ Queen
Codes of Prosperity. $ 3000

Level 1 ~ Wholeness
Victim to Queen. $1000

Online Retreats

Give yourself the greatest gift this year,

you will Love it!

Heal your Victim archetype embedded in us all. 

* it is a pre-requisite for 'Queen' retreat 

Level 2.  'Queen'

Activate your codes of Love & Prosperity like Cleopatra did.

Learn from this Legendary Queen how to become a Priestess and a Goddess.

To help you Embody these archetypes I recommend you practice:

"Rituals with 4 Elements"

"Enchanting Meditations"

These Retreats, Rituals & Meditations will expedite your transformation

from a Modern woman archetype into a Magical Woman!

  • WA_1
Call now to Buy
I’m inviting you into YOUR new reality.
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Queen Unlock your Abundance Codes.

Join me!

I am creating a new unique Journey into Self-Love!

And I invite you to share this delightful experience.

Our muse here will be Queen Cleopatra.

Cleopatra was not a beauty, but her melodious voice and magnetic charisma had a bewitching power over the most powerful men in the world, who gave their lives in favor of her political plans.​​

Who is this unique retreat for?

For you, if you have completed the 1st retreat and are ready

to level UP.  

Now you too can​

Acquire Cleopatra's magnetism:

  • Raise your own dignity to the level of:  “I am a Queen!”

  • Unleash the power of your Eroticism!

  • Flirting like a Queen: in a subtle and noble way, awakening sublime feelings in a man!

  • Learn how to charm and attract. 

  • Instead of looking for a worthy man, let Him come to you!

  • Make your sex life juicy and unpredictable!

  • Adjust your sexual magnet to Abundance!​​

  • Enjoy the Queen archetype - a prosperous Woman who creates her destiny.

Men rule the world, but Queens influence men.​

Give Him a Dream ~ Become His Queen


You can pay for this retreat only after a personal consultation with Yana

Call now

  • WA_1
Meet Bulat, my Husband & King,
He creates everything: videos, site ...
Bulat will support us every step of the way. He is a computer genius.
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