Feminine Energy is like the sweet nectar

of a beautiful flower....
When the Flower Opens ~

it is an irresistible Magnet to Love

I Allow myself to fully Blossom  
To Flow in Abundance of Love 


 Sensual ~ Sexual ~ Divine 
 My Essence is Magic


School of Love


Magical Woman Retreats


Here, Awaken & Embody

Your Feminine Essence,

Heal your Womb & Heart,

Learn the Magical Arts of Love,

Create an Abundant Life

Imagine You know the Ancient

Rituals and Secret Arts of Love

Cleopatra knew them and look at the

power she wielded. 
Listen now to the video above

as Yana explains how you too can

become an Enchantress.

"She blossoms

 for him like a flower...

and the Magic of love begins..."

Welcome to School of Love

Here you can heal and discover the Arts of Feminine Magic

via online programs and meditations

At the Magical Woman Retreats

 Experience the  Alchemical Transformation

 live with Yana

*choose group or individual retreats

"Imagine You know the Ancient Rituals and Secrets of Love"


Online School Offerings


START with my Signature 7 Step

Womb Healing Online Video Program


Reprogram your subconscious mind &

live your dreams with 7 Enchanting Meditations


Awaken Your Sexuality with this online video program

Rituals of the 4 Elements

Advanced Evolution will keep you evolving

through Online Video & Audio




 Womb Healing
Empowering Rituals
Magical Woman

Rituals with

4 Elements

7 Enchanting




The "Womb Healing" and other online Programs

heal your body and mind

from any childhood traumas & insecurities  


Supercharge you with feminine energy


Enable you to practice advanced rituals at the "Magical Woman" retreats

Join the School of Love

Receive as a Gift:

*   "I Am Beautiful" meditation, worth

$ 100, as a Gift.

*   Videos REVEALING 

New Secrets of the Enchantresses.

"Supercharge Your Feminine Energy..."

"Magical Woman" Retreats

 Come & Become

Level 1 ~ Magical Woman

Sensual ~ Sexual ~ Divine

Awakening the Goddess within

Level 2 ~ Sexual Alchemy 

Sacred sexuality and Wild ecstasy

 Relationship Wisdom

Level 3 ~ Sacred Union 

Tantra for Body & Soul

Relationship Wisdom

Level 4 ~ I am Magical

Advanced Magic in all aspects of life

*Certification level if desired

Individual Luxury Retreats

Tailored to your unique needs

Abundant Creatrix, Empress & Muse







Yana would like to welcome you to the exclusive 8 day Retreats in Paradise. 

Her vision is one of the feminine flower that is not in competition with the masculine power,
but dances ecstatically, feeling, empowering and healing the masculine essence through love.

In the Magical Woman Retreats Yana has carefully selected the best tools and practices to initiate, awaken and activate this process of feminine Alchemy for you.

Yana embodies 20 years of practicing and sharing the ever evolving
art of feminine alchemy.
She has been working with spiritual and tantric masters, exploring the shamanic path
of sourcing energy from the 4 elements, mastered the art of Geisha and more…
Yana is a living example of how to create a dream life as a sensually activated woman,
blossoming to her full potential.

Born in Armenia in  1968, educated in the USA, she speaks 4 languages. Yana has a Masters Degree and a Law Degree. As a brilliant business woman, she built a 5 million dollar home based business with Arbonne International.

At age 35 she thought she had it all but couldn't find her inner feminine happiness.

That's why the journey of the Feminine Evolution has begun.

At age 50 she married the love of her life and they have done over 10 retreats together. 

I created these programs and retreats to help me to become the Woman I am today. They have helped now hundreds of women worldwide and they will help you if you go step by step and reach out for my help whenever you need it.

Yana Good

"Heal Your

Body & Mind..."

Join the School of Love

Receive as a Gift:

*   "I Am Beautiful" meditation, worth

$ 100, as a Gift.

*   Videos REVEALING 

New Secrets of the Enchantresses.

"I saw Yana and it was a Blessing. And the results are insane. This is what every girl deserves to know!"

sisters, one is a virgin

"Yana gave me everything.  My heart is back, I'm in love and so happy,"

Janice, NY


Magical Healing Session

Live or WhatsApp

2 hour + sessions


A unique, instantaneous healing process for your relationships with your parents, partner and money.


Dear Ladies, let Yana love your wounds away, transforming you into a joyous lover.

Dear Men, travel with Yana on the Hero’s Journey and immerse in the motherlove that rebirths your Power and Strength as a husband, lover, provider and father.

$ 300

 School Offerings
 Womb Healing
Empowering Rituals
Magical Woman

WhatsApp: +1 858 609 9020 | Email: yanagood@me.com

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