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Queen, Priestess, Goddess

Awaken your gifts of Love & Magic 

Prosper with your King.

The mystery of “I Am That I Am” 

The Magic of Becoming

The Art of Relationship

Sacred Union

Womb Healing

Welcome to our School of Love

I am Yana, a sage that teaches women how to embody this mystical power we call Feminine Magic. 

I got married and created a sacred union on my 50th birthday with Bulat (40). 

At the beginning, we both had to heal and learn a lot from each other before Love started nurturing us.


In our marriage we have been applying the Art of Enchantment and the Art of Relationship building. That's why each year we love each other more!

I keep Evolving and He keeps Evolving and our Love Expands. Now we lead retreats for women, men and couples, online and live.


How to Start? 

I have created for you 

3 incredible Online Video Programs that supported my Feminine Journey and helped  women to heal and practice at their homes. They will greatly enhance your Retreats.


Womb Healing

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Enchanting Meditations

Gili M-39.JPG

4 Elements | Rituals 

Being in the Space of Magic and receiving personal initiation is a unique experience some crave.

 Some Things must be Felt.


For a Personal Healing, Relationship Wisdom, Spiritual Awakening or another inquiry you can book a

Private Healing Session with me.  

Or have a free consultation about our retreats & programs.


​I welcome you in a space of love!

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Healing Session


Online Retreats

Green Field-45.jpg

Live Retreats

Online Retreats are beautifully filmed! They are infused with timeless wisdom. 

I watch them all the time.

Finally, I can share this powerful knowledge with All of our students in English & Russian!


Level 1. Wholeness

This is an amazing retreat! I believe every woman needs this journey into her Wholeness, where she meets and heals all aspects of her victimhood. 

Simply magnificent! This retreat is a delicious journey into dignity, self respect, self love.

You become Confident based on integrity gained through inner transformation.

  • Activate your codes of Love & Prosperity like Cleopatra did.

  • Learn from this Legendary Queen how to become a Priestess and a Goddess. 

These Retreats, Rituals & Meditations will expedite your transformation from a Modern Woman into a Magical Woman!

Online Reatreats

2. Queen

Online Retreats

Victim to Queen

Codes of Prosperity 

Open yourself to Love 

  • Heal your sacred womb from deep seated traumas of pain and fear

  • transform the suffering into bliss 

  • Become Magical!

Live Retreats

Feminine Energy is like the sweet

nectar of a beautiful flower.

When the Flower Opens ~

it is an irresistible Magnet to Love

Come & Become

I Awaken & Embody my Feminine Essence

  • I Heal my Womb & Heart

  • I Learn the Arts of Love

  • I Create an Abundant Life

 I join this School of Love

Gili Meno-64.jpg

Join the School. Enjoy your Gifts

  •  I Am Beautiful meditation ($ 100)

  •    Videos from the Enchantresses

Online programs

Online programs & Retreats

are your PORTALS into the world of

  • feminine magic

  • sacred Union 

  •  Womb healing. 

  • They teach you

  • The art of Becoming a

  • Prosperous Queen

  • Priestess of Light & Love

"I saw Yana and it was a Blessing.

And the results are insane.

This is what every girl deserves to know!"

sisters, one is a virgin

"Yana gave me everything.  My heart is back, I'm in love and so happy,"
Janice, NY

Imagine You know the Ancient

Rituals and Secret Arts of Love

Cleopatra knew them and look at the

power she wielded. 
Listen now to the video below

as Yana explains how you too can

become an Enchantress.

 School Offerings :
Programs & Retreats 
Individual Sessions
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