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 I dream of a world where the Feminine flowers,

healing~feeling the Masculine with Love.

Your luscious nectar overflowing,

brings him into the  Grace of Love.  





To Enchant


You must first

feel Enchanted

The Geisha...

She glides into the room, creating a limpid pool of stillness into which the man drowns.  She Looks at him... his mouth drops... his attention is transfixed.  

She Speaks, her Voice a sweet melody to his ears... captivating him still further with perfect intonation. 

He speaks... she Listens, with such attention and poise that he reveals more than intended, her questions giving him purpose and inspiration.  

Years ago the stories about Geisha's art of enchantment inspired Yana's journey into the mystery of feminine magic. Now, this story has been captured by

Rex Sumner after experiencing it first hand.


Learn the 7

Secrets of

the Geisha 

You can learn these Arts at

"Magical Woman" Retreats:

1. The Way of Walking,

to flow across the floor creating your own

pool of stillness.

2. The Way of Looking at Him,

where your glance transfixes his attention.

3. The Way of the Voice,

captivating him in a moment.

4. The Way of Listening,

making him feel empowered.

5. The Way of Speaking,

to inspire his success and generosity - to you.

6. The Way of Feeling,

inviting him into your inner paradise.

7. The Way of Making Love.




with these Skills..."

Imagine yourself with secret skills of

the Geisha, in today's modern world.  

Or perhaps the skills of Cleopatra are more appealing,

a lady who was not the most attractive, but her melodious voice and

magnetic charisma were so superb,

she seduced not one, but two Roman Emperors.


The most powerful men in the entire world,

whom she used to ensure her continued ruling of Egypt

and both men died for her and her political agendas.

In our retreats you will metamorphose into an

enchanting beauty with all the skills of the ages.


These are only some of the sublime skills, updated for the modern world,

that you will learn at our luxury retreats

on the Paradise Isle of Bali, or in Thailand.

Mastery of these skills is only acquired when initiated by a Master, 

with her full attention and loving presence.

* Please note that none of the renowned historical enchantresses,

not the Geishas, Cleopatra, the Greek Hetaeras nor the Renaissance Courtesans

discovered these skills on their own.

Each and every one entered a place of training

and learnt these skills over time -

the ancient skills that we teach solely

in our 4 live Enchanting retreats in Paradise each lasting 8 days.

To enchant someone, you must first feel enchanted...


Level 1: "Magical Woman"

Come to Paradise! 

Awaken the Goddess within

Sensual ~ Sexual ~ Divine

Flow into this new form 

Practicing ancient rituals with Yana

Allow your radiance to dazzle,

this unique experience will change your life.


Learn how to flirt with your eyes, lips, hair, breasts...

Yana starts the flowers of love blooming in

your womb and heart...

the rest is mystery to be unveiled at the retreat.

Come and Bathe in the Sacred Elements

of Water and Earth.

Awaken the Power of Sensuality and

Live your Dreams Orgasmically.


Click here for details about this upcoming Retreat...

Level 1

"Captivate a Man

with just a Glance..."

What will you Learn and Practice at the retreat:

What powers did Geishas possess

to captivate a man with a glance,

never revealing an inch of flesh?

You will learn the same skills when you:

~ Awaken your Sensuality

~ Unleash your Sexuality

~ Connect to your Higher Self

~ Heal your Womb and Heart

~ Balance the 4 Elements : Fire~Water~Air~Earth

~ Discover the Secret Fifth Element

~ Ancient Rituals for Self Love

~ Orgasmic Tantric and Shamanic practices

~ Breathing Love technique





Morning Activities:

Kundalini tantric YOGA

4 Elements ecstatic DANCING

SWIMMING in the ocean

Afternoon Session:

Imagine how you will feel when you can:

Charm him with your

Eyes ~ Voice ~ Touch ~ Walk...

Hypnotize him with your Sensual Presence...

On a Tropical island of Bali, with our magic and mysteries,

awaiting you to embody your Seductress

while luxuriating in the exotic locations.


"My Darling, I cannot wait to see you

on the island.  I know

you will adore your retreat.

These retreats are reserved for only 12 women, who did the "Womb Healing Program" and with whom 

I feel a special bond for the magic to unfold.

Lots of love"



In order to attend this retreat,  you must first enjoy an interview with Yana, who loves to ensure that you are properly prepared.

Please use one of the contact methods below to register your interest and Yana will get back to you to arrange the call.  


WhatsApp : +1 858 609 9020

or  Facebook Messenger.

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Gili M-5.JPG


Group Retreats P.P. 

$ 3000 downpayment

$ 2000 cash on arrival

* All Inclusive,

excl. flights


Bank Transfer, Zelle, Credit card,
Cash, Cryptocurrency


Dates upon request

Level 2: "Sexual Alchemy" Retreat

Become his Dream Woman


Irresistible, Mysterious, Alluring

Inspire your man with a glance, a feeling,

a touch,  a taste, a scent

Master the immense power of the 5 Elements

to mesmerize

your man and keep him wildly excited for life.

Escape your current reality 

Come to Paradise and Embody the

very Essence of your Seductress

Confident, Empowered, Abundant

take your man to ultimate heights, 

as you learn how to spin the vortex of the 4 Elements

to create any specific result. 

The secret rituals with the 5th Element is

the key to Abundance in money & love. 

Practice these magical rituals with Yana

live an Ecstatic life.

Level 2

Master the Immense

Power of the 5 Elements



to Mesmerise Your Man

and keep him Wildly Excited for Life.

What powers did Cleopatra possess

to captivate the two greatest rulers of the world?

Sacred sexuality and Wild ecstasy


Rituals with 5 elements


Tantric rituals for Love


Art of enchanting him and Relationship Wisdom:

Yana will help you build a relationship to last a life time, 

making both of you actually happy. 

She will teach you how to thrive together,

without struggle or sacrifice.

Bathe in the sensual harmonic field of love that

Yana and her husband emanate.
Learn by example how to live and breathe

an ecstatically balanced relationship.

* The perfect marriage of Theory and Practice.

Embody Your Seductress. 

* Prerequisite: level 1 retreat

Dates to be announced

For further Inquiries call Yana on

WhatsApp +1 (858) 609-9020

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"Create the Relationship of Your Dreams at any age"

Yana, here at age 52

Level 3: "Sacred Union" Retreat

for women only

Create the Relationship of your Dreams and 

​Learn the Divine Art of Tantra 

The Ancient Tantric Rituals create an intoxicating

soul-merge, an eruption of passion fuelling nirvana.

The True Tantra of 'Sacred Union' or 'Divine Marriage'

can only be taught by few in the world. 

Yana teaches You how to Envelop him

in your feminine aroma, 
how to use your pheromones to inspire him

for the actions you want. 

Discover tantric~shamanic practices

 and the actual Wisdom how to build a relationship

that works successfully in bed and in business.


Attracting the man of your dreams and

building a happy lasting relationship

at Any Age is

 Relationship Wisdom 

I will teach you how to read yours & his "Soul Blueprint"
How to source the 5 Elements
for Alchemical Transformation
Work with the male & female Archetypes,

so  you can Balance them & create an ideal partnership.


You can become an Empress or a Muse,

working in the Ether in the Geisha style.

* The perfect marriage of Theory and Practice.

* Prerequisite: level 1 & 2 Retreats

Dates to be announced

For further Inquiries call Yana on

WhatsApp +1 858 609 9020

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Level 3

"Will I be a Luscious Rose or a Delicate Orchid?  

A Fragrant Jasmine,

a Decadent Dahlia

or a Magnificent Magnolia?"

Level 3: "Tantra" Retreat

for Couples

He & She Orgasmic Living

Practice the ancient Rituals for Love with your Partner

Learn how to use your sexual energy to create

Abundance and Flow in Your and His Life.

Practice the " Relationship Wisdom" and create 

a union of body and soul.

* The perfect marriage of Theory and Practice.

* Prerequisite for women: level 1 & 2 retreats.

* Prerequisite for men; none

Dates to be announced

For further Inquiries call Yana on

WhatsApp +1 (858) 609-9020

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Tantra Retreat

Heal Your Body and Mind from any childhood traumas

and insecurities  

Supercharge Your

Feminine Energy

Level 4: "I am Magical" Retreat

"Ahh, I feel so wonderful!" 

The Powers of the Ancients, the Magnificents,

The Wondrous Women, they are all here,

now, embodied in me. Now is the time.  

Time to become Myself, Glorious and Powerful.

 Unique. MAGICAL.

For Each Power I have learnt now reverberates 

and resonates through my body,

blossoming forth to reveal me in my Glory.

Truly a Magical Woman

Unique & Unforgettable

Mysterious & Irresistible

At the final level Yana will guide you

to become the Enchantress, the highest level of Magic, 

Epitome of Womanhood.  

For it is time, dear Lady, to draw back the veil

and shake the world as we reveal You,

Magnificent, Glorious, Enchanting.

* Prerequisites: level 1, 2 & 3 retreats

*Certification to teach others, if desired.

Dates to be announced

For further Inquiries call Yana on

WhatsApp +1 (858) 609-9020

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Level 4

"I met Yana before she was together with her husband, and she already explained to me back then how relationships work. And now, 2 years later, when she is actually married, I see she is practicing what she preaches, and how it indeed does work!"

Individual Luxury Retreats

A woman is like a Precious Diamond...

the more polished, the greater the brilliance and the value.

Why does a man offer a diamond ring to ask her to be his One and Only?  

Because a woman is like a diamond, to catch and reflect his brilliance,

and the more polished the greater the luster.  

And why does he fall to his knees to propose?  

Because he has lost his mind in the whirl of emotions

she engenders within him, with her charms

and ability to enchant.

Use these ancient rituals, just as did Cleopatra

and  Helen of Troy, 

to polish yourself like a diamond, every year

the depth and brilliance enhanced.  

And your relationship sweeter and juicier.

1 week: $ 18,000

2 week: $ 30,000

1 year program: $ 100,000


*Certification: is included in the 1 month option


For further Inquiries and to arrange your dates

call Yana on

WhatsApp +1 (858) 609-9020

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"Basking in the Energy of Beauty and Love, 

You leave Transformed, Delighted

Confident, Magical... in Bliss"





First you will learn how to create your inner paradise, 

so no matter what,  

you can bask in your own pleasure & happiness.

Then, you will learn the Art of Relationship:

How to bring him into your paradise

& become the woman of his dreams.

The Geishas took ten years to master these skills,

and we do not claim you will master them in one week,

but we will teach you the secret rituals and

if you keep practicing them in your daily life, 

you can create your own Magical Life.

Luxuriate in Yana's field of Love and experience

her magical one on one guidance, 

as you progress through the 4 levels individually: 

Level 1 : Magical Woman

Level 2 : Sexual Alchemy

Level 3 :  Sacred Union

Level 4 * : I am Magical 

* includes a certification to share

the feminine arts with others.


Yana will lead you to Mastery through this most

unique journey

giving you the powers for which you dream and yearn.

Awaken your Sensuality

Unleash your Sexuality

Connect to your Higher Self


Heal your Womb ~ Heart

 School Offerings
 Womb Healing
Empowering Rituals
Magical Woman
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