Program 1
Heal your Womb
7 STEP Signature Womb Healing Online Program

Your womb is the KEY to balanced hormones, happiness and radiance that makes you deliciously irresistible at any age.


Awaken Your Power of Sensuality

This 7 STEP Signature Womb Healing Program
consists of 4 Videos with Yana performing

the Rituals and 3 womb healing Meditations. 


Awaken Your Power of Sensuality

7 Step Womb Healing Program


Step 1. Video - Ritual

Helps you to disconnect all past sexual, emotional and mental attachments

Step 2. Meditation #1

Heal your childhood & emotional traumas (e.g. fear, sexual abuse is stored in the womb as a dark energy block) so you can maintain your happiness and don't experience periods of low energy, depression, hopelessness.

Step 3. Meditation #2

Heal your relationship with your Inner Child,

the Mother and Feminine Lineage  for 7 generations.

Step 4. Meditation #3

Heal your relationship with the Father and the Masculine Lineage.

Start Trusting and Receiving from men.

Step 5. Video - Ritual

How to radiate from the womb.

Step 6. Video - Ritual

How to turn on your sexual magnet!

Step 7. Video - Ritual

How fill your Womb up with 'WATER' a geisha technique...

When your Womb is restored
back to Energetic Virginity
and Sexual Potency
You become Irresistibly 
Magnetic to Love!
Let's begin this Magical Journey! 
Heal your Womb
7 Step Program

$ 500


"I am feeling so much gratitude within my entire body.

Waves of gratitude,

waves of enjoyment..."

Jamie Lu, Healer

Amazing Relationships!

Want One?

Rituals with 4 Elements

Amazing Relationships! Want one?​

Watch the video below & 
Discover the Secrets!

Open your Heart to Love

Are you ready to Turn On your Sexual Magnet and live Orgasmically?

These ancient rituals will raise your sexual energy and fill your Womb and Heart with Love.


Gift yourself an Amazing Relationship

Master the 4 Elements
Enjoy Your Love Life!

​This inspiring program includes 4 videos with Yana demonstrating the Rituals.  Implement them into your love life for earth-shattering results.

Gili M-39.JPG

$ 500

 Sample of the 4 Elements

Earth Empress

Confident & Grounded

Discover and master the ancient rituals!
They will enchant and transform you.

 Sample of the 4 Elements

Goddess Aphrodite

Sensuous & Seductive

Flow into this new form as you listen to the wondrous secrets of the ages, these rituals will unveil your Magnificence.

 Sample of the 4 Elements

The Seductress

 Exciting & Magnetic

Consume his attention with your sexual energy, becoming his world of excitement and pleasure.

 Sample of the 4 Elements

His Muse

Mysterious & Inspirational

Inspire your man with a glance, a feeling, as you create peace and harmony, your own sphere of serenity.

"It was Great. I was just flowing like a river. Thank you Yana!"

Caroline Pontual,

Yoga & Wellness Teacher 

Confident & Grounded

Sensuous & Seductive

Exciting & Magnetic

Mysterious & Inspirational

Advanced Evolution

Video / Audio to keep you evolving

The Ritual of Love

The Secret Daily Ritual of the Enchantress

When you complete the Step 1, Step 2 and Step 3 Online Programs,​ 

you are able to benefit from this Ritual


90 second daily ritual that

balances all 4 Elements: 

Water - Fire - Air - Earth

Feel the connection between Heaven & Earth

every time you do the ritual.

Filling you up with the blessing of love and magic.

Gili M-24.JPG

$ 100

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