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Yana's Soul Purpose is Sacred Union.

Harmonizing the Yin/Yang polarities within,

activating the sexual Love magnet

between a Man and a Woman.


A rare, gifted energy healer with the ability to see into

emotional & energetic bodies..
Activating new genetic codes of the Light Body.

Yana helps to attune each individual chakra,

vortex, gateway, portal, crystal and Diamond Plate

of your multidimensional body.  

Yana has channeled many beautiful sacred meditations/activations, and many of you have been practicing them for a long time.

The activations you will receive in this Retreat

will help to remove the obstructions that hold you from living in Wholeness. 

It is important to heal the recurring patterns of the mental, emotional, physical and genetic bodies. Those of the child, where you have been damaged and shut down. 

Together we do activations to clear the base & the womb chakras where the deep and heavy blocks to abundance, security, safety and power are held. Where you feel unprovided for, helpless, hopeless, without support. 

It is crucial to access and anchor a new vibrational frequency,

so you don't bring back your "old story".

Your multidimensional chakra column ~ rainbow bridge ~ needs to be accessed and restored.  This will inevitably enable you to fully connect to the realms of your mastery, to receive your soul gifts. 

Yana can guide you there with Love, grace and mastery.

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