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Online Retreat # 1 – Ruby Pass

Online Retreat # 1 – Ruby Pass

Magical Woman: Online Retreat #1 "Journey to Wholeness"


Hello darling, join us Now for a 10 session professionally Recorded online retreat!


In april of 2021, once a week I took a group of live participants through a powerful journey on Zoom and  gave a homework for a week. Everything was also professionally recorded and edited so that you can join us any time and enjoy the best version. This retreat is so powerful in recording that I will never offer it life again. I personally already re-deed it 2 times in a recording! Such a joy to see how I expand each time!

Practice makes perfect indeed.


This retreat is a prerequisite for all the following online and life retreats.

So, do it now!

It will change you in ways that are impossible to describe...

  • Each session comes as 2 (or more) videos: part 1 ~  theory and part 2 ~ practice. 
  • Unlimited access to the closed telegram chat.

      Here you can ask questions & receive personal support from Yana.

  • 1 year access to the recorded retreat.


All the details about this Retreat are on the website.


The cost:  $1000 dollars (USD)


With Love & Magic!

Yana Good


I am happy to help with any questions if you connect via 

WhatsApp: +1 (858) 609-90-20


YouTube: Yana Good - Magical Woman

Instagram: Yana.Good.Love

Facebook: Yana.Good.Love

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