Private WhatsApp or Live Session - For Men and Women

To Book your private session with Yana, please contact me directly through WhatsAPP: +1-858-609-9020 or Messenger (FB). 

I will call you back and we will set up the best time!


Sometimes we just need a private space to heal something deep…

Sometimes we just need a magical and sacred space of love to raise the vibration and get clarity of the Soul purpose or what is next? 

Whatever it is you need can be healed, clarified and expanded in a private session! 

It can last from 2 hours + as needed.



For Men - We can discussuss and heal any subject of interest for you. 

We can resolve issues with relationships, business, health and beauty. Or give custom solutions or healing sessions, customized meditations.

Like a private life session -- WhatApp session will be held in a field of love and healing will happen if that is the intention or need of the soul.

Or private healing session if you in the same location as I am.


For Women - One on One coaching for the Enchantress in you!

Whatever it is you need can be healed, clarified and expanded in a private session.


​Is it time for you to expand your sensual feminine energy?

Are you ready to bask in the field of love feeling beautiful & blissful?

Do you desire to source your power from your Womb and the Divine Creator?


I delight in assisting my Private Client to awaken her Enchantress …

Your Enchantress will infuse Beauty & Love into your personal and professional life.

She will bring prosperity & support that you didn’t even dream possible.


In a Space of Love we create with you … heal and make quantum leaps

You will leave Inspired, Transformed, and Magnetic…

Feeling Beautiful, Confident, Connected to your orgasmic Womb & Heart!


We all come from Love and Into Love do we return!


With Love & Magic!

Yana Good


I am happy to help with any questions if you connect via 

WatsApp: +1 (858) 609-90-20

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Instagram: Yana.Good.Love

Facebook: Yana.Good.Love


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