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Step 1 - WOMB HEALING PROGRAM (7 videos). Digital Product.

Step 1 - WOMB HEALING PROGRAM (7 videos). Digital Product.

 Have you watched the video "Womb Healing..."?


​This 7 STEP Revolutionary Program consists of 4 Videos with

Yana performing the Rituals and 3 healing Meditations. 


* The Womb is your 1st power center-- your Power of Sensuality. 

  All feelings are born and stored here.

* As you cleanse your womb and heal your relationships with

  feminine and masculine energies, 

  you will find your self-love flowering, with greater depth than ever before.  

*  Now you too can live with pleasure thrumming through your body,

   without overindulging in food, shopping or casual sex...
   Imagine your body transformed with an Energetically-Charged

   Virgin Womb brimming over with feminine sexual energy. 

* Your womb is the KEY to balanced hormones, happiness and radiance

  that makes you delicious at any age.

 * You will discover the true magic that comes from being One with your partner.


Let's Begin this magical journey! 


You will learn :

1) Video. Ritual #1How to disconnect all past sexual, emotional, 

    mental attachments and how to turn on your sexual magnet.

 Every client has shared that her man's excitement to her "virgin womb"

 was more powerful than during the honeymoon period.


2) Meditation #1. Healing the Inner Child. How to heal all past and childhood

emotional traumas (e.g. sexual abuse is stored in the womb as a dark energy block).

So you can maintain your happiness and don't experience periods of low energy, depression, hopelessness.


The rest of the Videos will help you:

Heal your relationship with your Inner Child, the Mother and the whole Feminine Lineage (7 generations back), as well as the Father and the Masculine Lineage.


Rituals in videos 6 & 7 will teach you how to Turn On your Sexual Magnet so you can heal your body, balance your hormons and relationship.


Enjoy this Amazing Journey of self healing, self love, and feminine empowerment in the most Enchanting ways.


With Love and Magic,

Yana Good


I am happy to help with any questions if you connect via 

WatsApp: +1 (858) 609-90-20

YouTube:   Yana Good - Magical Woman

Instagram: Yana.Good.Love

Facebook: Yana.Good.Love

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