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Womb Healing Meditation #1, Clear all FEARS & negative emotions. Digital Product

Womb Healing Meditation #1, Clear all FEARS & negative emotions. Digital Product

Would you like to Feel peaceful, feminine and orgasmic?!

Cleansing your womb energetically and emotionally is key!


Try the DEMO of the Meditation Here

This powerful trans-meditation will help you purify inner fears, blocks, limiting beliefs....e.g. I am not lovable enough, I hate the one who raped me, fear of abandonment, of death, of BEEING beautiful, visible, loved....Each time you do it Layers will peel off...and you will connect to your desired version: Lovable, Beautiful, Enchanting...Happy You.
We will erase the old limiting program in the subconsciousness and replace with your Dream version! When you change on the subconscious level only Than the transformation on the conscious level will begin !!
I periodically repeat this magical trans-meditation and each time I OPEN up to new level of self-love and freedom to live my life Authentic to my desires!


With Love & Magic!

Yana Good


I am happy to help with any questions if you connect via 

WatsApp: +1 (858) 609-90-20

YouTube: Yana Good - Magical Woman

Instagram: Yana.Good.Love

Facebook: Yana.Good.Love


NOTE: All 3 womb healing meditations are included in the Womb Healing Video Program.

It is cheaper to buy them as a Set, rather than individually.



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