Womb Healing Set of 3 Meditations (Included in the Step 1 Program)

"Womb Healing and Cleansing Meditations"


These 3 meditations will Awaken your Feminine energy and fill your womb with Love! 
The fastest healing happens when you do each one at least 5 times.

Than all 3 in the set order - over and over again (at least 5 cycles) e.g. on Monday "Heal your womb", next day " Mother", next day "Father" thats 1 cycle. With each cycle you will get deeper and more layers will come off...This is trully working on yourself as you actually are healing from inside...

NOTE: they are included in the Womb Healing Video Program.

#1 Purify your Sacred Womb

Release all Fears and limiting beliefs to feel:

"I am lovable"

"I am worthy of love"

in your core...


#2. Heal your Feminine Lineage

     I love my mother


Heal your relationship with your mother and

feminine lineage going back 7 generations 


#3. Heal your Masculine Lineage

     I love my father

Heal your relationship with your father and all the men in your life.

Experience a real relationship with your man without projections.





With love and beauty!❤️💋
Yana Good


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